On Andy Murray Winning Wimbledon & The Number 7

Andy Murray Wimbledon champion

While the shock, joy and awe of watching Andy Murray become the first British Wimbledon champion in nearly 80 years is slowly fading away, it’s amazing to see an interesting coincidence involving Murray winning the title with the number 7.

How deep does the rabbit hole go? It was July 7 when Murray beat Novak Djokovic to win his second Grand Slam title in the Wimbledon final, and if we’re going by ISO standards, it was also the 7th day of the week.

It was the 7th match for Murray (and Djokovic) of the competition, and for Murray it was also his 7th Grand Slam final. He previously lost in the 2008 US Open (vs Federer), 2010 Australian Open (Federer), 2011 Australian Open (Djokovic), 2012 Wimbledon (Federer) and the 2013 Australian Open (Djokovic), and won in the 2012 US Open (Djokovic).

Before Andy Murray, the last male British champion at Wimbledon was Fred Perry, winning the title in 1936, 77 years ago. The last British female to win a single’s Wimbledon title was Virginia Wade in 1977. The first Wimbledon tournament was played in 1877.

And going into even finer details, Murray broke seven times, had seven more aces than double faults, and prevented Novak Djokovic (a man he is 7 days older than) from winning his seventh Slam.

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