17 Best Memes of the 2014 NBA Draft

As always, the NBA Draft was about making fun of suits and reactions, not just seeing who goes where. Andrew Wiggins dazzled, Joel Embiid and Zach LaVine made everyone laugh while the Miami Heat kept on doing everything they can to make LeBron James happy by adding Shabazz Napier.

Marcus Smart going to the Boston Celtics has created some interesting reactions, with trade rumors involving Rajon Rondo immediately surfacing. Some teams have more than one point guard, especially when Smart isn’t exactly a complete player, ready to lead an NBA team from the point. But trading Rondo does make some kind of sense.

The moment of the night was probably Isaiah Austin becoming a ceremonial pick by the NBA between the 15th and 16th selections. Adam Silver called the former Baylor big man to the stage, giving him a chance for his name to be called out in the draft. He would have been a first round pick if it wasn’t for being diagnosed with Marfan syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that affects the heart, ending his playing career.

Kobe Bryant got Julius Randle to play with him in Los Angeles, and some say it automatically makes him a rival within the team. Both Joel Embiid and Zach LaVine are happy with their new teams, but the camera caught them at the perfect time to make it seem like they’re really upset with where they’re going.

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