Brooklyn Nets – Jarrett Jack is More Than Just a Stephen Curry Backup

Nets beat Warriors

The Golden State Warriors once again revealed some of their vulnerabilities in a 110-108 loss to the Brooklyn Nets, a victory achieved with a game winning shot from Jarrett Jack over the hand of Stephen Curry, a player he used to back up not too long ago.

A very good season as a sixth man allowed Jack to get quite an impressive contract which hasn’t exactly been working well for him or the teams that signed him to it, but that doesn’t mean he’s a bad player. Jack is very good at coming off the bench and giving teams another ball handler that seems to thrive in clutch situations. He took a tough shot, with both Curry and Thompson trying to stop him, but the defensive effort failed with only 1.1 seconds left on the clock, giving the Nets a prestigious win.

But it’s about more than prestige, obviously. The Nets seem to be trying to make the playoffs and are at 8th at the moment in a very tight race that involves four or five teams for the final two sports in the East. Surprisingly, they were able to match the Warriors shot for shot, be it in the big man duel between Brook Lopez and Andre Bogut or in the ability of Deron Williams and Alan Anderson to keep up with the best backcourt in the NBA.

Lopez scored 26 points against Bogut, who had his best offensive night of the season, scoring 16 points, all in the first half. As it often goes with big man who have a great offensive first half, it takes something out of them later on. Bogut was on the floor for just 25 minutes and wasn’t always able to keep up with Lopez, playing off the bench and looking quite fresh and efficient in doing so.

Klay Thompson scored just 7 points, his worst performance of the season and his first game of single-digit scoring, hitting only 17.6% of his attempts. Stephen Curry scored 26 points and did a great job in the final quarter, pulling the Warriors from behind with big long range shots to tie the game at 108-108, but Williams with 22 points countered him quite well, Alan Anderson did a very good job with 16 points and Markel Brown showed impressive defense once again.

The Warriors are down to 12 losses and are looking less and less special by the minute, going through a bad phase that has them almost completely relying on the outside shooting of Curry and Thompson which is exactly the thing Steve Kerr was trying to move away from. The process of things for the Nets is a little bit less dramatic or influential on the fate of the league. It’s more of a ‘take it day by day’ and hopefully, somehow, sluggishly making their way into the playoffs.

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