Denver Broncos – Tony Romo Keeps Them Perfect

Tony Romo

For the first time this season, someone gave the Denver Broncos a real fight. Unfortunately, despite a huge game, Tony Romo raised the old demons again by throwing a costly interception that meant a loss for the Dallas Cowboys, and ruining a nearly flawless performance from him, including out-dueling Peyton Manning.

For Romo, this is the second time in his career that he’s finished with a passer rating of over 140 and lose the game, which has happened to him before. He threw for 500 yards and five touchdowns passes, but what everyone will remember is the interception he threw with 2:04 left in the game, setting up the 28 yard field goal by Matt Prater to give the Broncos the 51-48 win.

The incredible numbers don’t matter, Manning threw an interception as well; his interception was a result of a bad throw. Romo’s pick came from a great defensive play by Danny Trevathan. It’s not about the stats, but about making the plays when they count. The Cowboys have been playing some great football this season, but periodically, and usually waste most of their ammunition in the early goings. They find themselves 2-3, not quite sure how it happened.

Manning and the Broncos continue their incredible season, as Manning finished with 414 yards with four touchdowns and his first interception of the season. He finished with a QBR of 93.7, and has now posted a QBR of at least 93.7 for three consecutive games, something he and only Aaron Rodgers have been able to do during the last 8 seasons. The important thing are the points: 51, as the Broncos score over 50 for a second consecutive week, only the fourth team in history to make that happen. No one has ever scored 50 points or more in three consecutive weeks.

Broncos Win

A huge game, with the Cowboys leading by 14 and the Brocnos leading by 15 later on. What will be remembered, is Tony Romo putting on the performance of a lifetime and coming up short. But there shouldn’t be any question about his ability to lead the Cowboys. Other questions need to be asked, like how come Dallas never sacked Peyton Manning, or why they ran the ball only 14 times during the game.

For Denver, it was just more of the usual, only facing a strong offense for the first time this season. Peyton Manning running a naked bootleg for the touchdown was the only change or remarkable thing from an offensive juggernaut that didn’t even post their biggest numbers of the season, despite the 51 point performance. The yards after the catch remain a big advantage over almost everyone, gaining¬†205 yards after catch.

Dallas got a big game from Dez Bryant, who caught two touchdown passes, but statistics show that whenever he catches multiple TDs, the Cowboys are 1-7. Makes no sense, which is why pointing the finger at him and Romo isn’t doing them justice, or helping this team. Any time you give up 51 points, the problem is probably with the defense. With Romo sacked four times and hit a few more, that interception was going to come sooner or later.

The Broncos improve to 5-0, rightfully being declared the best team in the NFL. Their defense might have been exposed now to certain pass-loving offenses, but it doesn’t seem like any team in the NFL can keep up with what Peyton Manning has to offer this season.

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