Devin Hester Dazzles, Jay Cutler Impresses, Donovan McNabb Benched, Bears Beat Vikings

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Jay Cutler didn’t piss off any fans, Devin Hester was his usual amazing self until he got injured and Donovan McNabb didn’t finish the game because he was benched. The Chicago Bears are at .500 again, crushing their extremely weak NFC North rivals, the Minnesota Vikings.

Teams still kick to Devin Hester, and still get punished. The 28 year old, 5 year pro ran for his 17th career return touchdown. A 98 yard kickoff return to be exact. He’s now second on the all time list, tied with Rod Woodson, two behind Deion Sanders who leads the all time lists with 19.

While Devin Hester dazzles every time he has the ball, this time also as a receiver, finishing with 5 receptions for 91 yards and a touchdown, Jay Cutler not throwing an interception (he did turnover the ball on a fumble once) and getting good protection is the real, tad unexpected good news for the Chicago Bears.

Cutler had his best game of the season, throwing two touchdowns passes, finishing with 267 yards and a season best QB rating 115.9. Getting sacked only once and getting enough time to find receivers was probably a big difference for the quarterback who usually gets a lot of heat from the home fans at Soldier Field. When you’re winning 39-10, everybody loves you.

The defense, ranked 30th in the NFL going into the game, enjoyed what is called the McNabb, or Vikings factor. Donovan McNabb was even benched at some point, although he wasn’t that bad this time. Passing for 177 yards, 19-24. No touchdowns though, while the Bears were putting up points at will during the first half, leading 26-3 after two quarters.

Finally an answer to the defensive woes? Simple re shuffling from Lovie Smith Peppered with some motivational talks? It can’t be that simple. The Vikings’ offense just isn’t very good, and Adrian Peterson’s numbers suffer gravely from that. The Bears, judging from them beating three pretty bad teams and losing to three good teams (or better) are just that – Mediocre, with a suspectable defense, a returner who is the greatest ever, and a quarterback who will be good, if protected. Sound simple, right?