Did Anthony Watts Bite an Opponents in the Groin ?

At the moment, the official verdict is that Anthony Watts, Rugby League player for the Tugun Seahawks in the Gold Coast Rugby League, bit an opponent in the groin and for that he is banned for eight matches. Watts himself has denied these claims, swearing to fight off the ban and his reputation.

In the video from the match against Bilambil, it is seen that Watts is being held up by an opposition player before he tries to make it past the try line. However, as the two struggle on the ground, with Watts’ head hidden from the camera but definitely near the opponents’ groin area, his rival suddenly shrieks in pain, before Watts moves on to pick him and a scuffle that was later seperated ensues.

Watts is known for some bad behavior in the past. The 27 year-old, who has played in the past for the Cronulla Sharks, North Queensland and Widnes Vikings, was charged with assualting his girlfriend, and upon returning to Australia from England decided that he doesn’t want to play in the NRL, rather signing with a Gold Coast team so he can be closer to home after the death of his father. Joining the Tugun Seahawks wasn’t enough for him – he also joined The Finks, a bikie gang under investigation for various gang-related crimes.

anthony watts

Despite getting suspended, Watts is denying the allegations, claiming that there’s no way he could have bitten his opponent.

I was wearing a mouthguard and there’s no way I bit him on the dick. The claim is laughable, but I’ve still had to live with it. I know I didn’t do it and the people close to me know I didn’t do it, either. It’s something I’m probably going to be known for, even though they’ve got no evidence to back any of it up. I find that I get targeted all the time. If something happens to me, there’s no penalty. If I do the same thing, there’s a penalty.

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