Francesco Totti is a Never Ending Roma & Serie A Legend

About to complete his 21st season in the Serie A, all with AS Roma, Francesco Totti isn’t planning on slowing down or stopping anytime soon. There’s also no chance you’ll ever get to see him playing for anyone else but the Giallorossi.

Totti might not be the only one-team player currently starring in Italian and European football, but it’s hard to find anyone that his connection with the club and city and all of its success over the last couple of decades is more profound than the one Totti has with AS Roma and the city of Rome.

He has scored 282 goals in all competitions for the club, 227 in the league, placing him second on the Serie A’s all-time scorers list, needing 55 goals to reach Silvio Piola with 274. As weird as it sounds, Totti might get there. He’s clearly not as fast or physically dominant as he was a few seasons ago, but his vision, decision making and fantastic finishing ability are all still there.

Maybe that’s his last gift for the city and club – at least giving them a player who might be regarded the greatest at something. Playing for Roma means not fighting for titles on most seasons, although Totti was the main part of the club winning its first league title in 18 years (2001). A few more second place finishes and two Coppa Italia trophies are also part of his legacy, but it’s hard to see them reaching anything greater in the current financial climate.

Francesco Totti

Totti has done more than anything could have imagined with his own career and with club & country (winning the 2010 World Cup). At his current pace of scoring (12 goals in 2012-2013), maybe one more incredible achievement isn’t so impossible to imagine.