Meme of a Stunned Stephen Curry Won’t Let the Golden State Warriors Forget They Choked in the NBA Finals

If Golden State Warriors players like to follow social media, it’s safe to assume they already know that they’re going to keep seeing memes making fun of their choke-job in the 2016 NBA finals, most of them making fun of Stephen Curry, until they get the championship back.

You never know how much of the banter (and worse) a player and teams receive gets through to the players, but those with active Twitter/Instagram/Facebook accounts are usually aware of what’s going on, even if their handles are usually handled by some PR guy. Kevin Durant is notorious for reading and taking to heart everything that’s said and written about him, which explains why he made comments that attempted to take the heat off of him after his decision to join the Warriors, but ended up making him look even worse.

Curry? His wife is probably the bigger social media savant, although she probably cursed herself (and Stephen wasn’t too happy about it either) for writing a little bit too much during the finals. BUt he knows what’s going on, and whether it curbed down his and his teammates arrogance remains to be seen. Personally, I would love to see his mouthguard a little bit less in the future, whether he sends it flying into the stands or chews on it while contemplating life.

This is how the NBA works. You’re champions? Until someone takes it from you, you’ll get the respect. However, if you set an NBA record 73 wins during the regular season and went on to lose in game 7 of the NBA finals, you’re f***ing losers and chokers until proven otherwise. That’s the sad truth.