Golden State Warriors – Nothing Can Slow Them Down

Stephen Curry

If anyone was expecting the Golden State Warriors to stop their winning streak at some point, it wasn’t going to happen on a visit to the Minnesota Timberwolves, led by the usual contributions of Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, en route to a comfortable 102-86 win.

The Warriors have now improved to 18-2, making it 13 consecutive wins, extending the franchise record. Curry and Thompson each scored 21 points despite an awful day from beyond the arc. Maybe that’s the best thing about the Warriors this season: They no longer depend on the streakiness of long range shooting. Defense, rebounding, passing and a lot more planning and structure to their offense seems to go a long way.

The win comes in light of the back and forth between owner Joe Lacob, Stephen Curry and former head coach Mark Jackson. Lacob made a comment about how bad things were under Jackson compared to Steve Kerr’s reign. Curry didn’t like his former coach being besmirched and responded. In the meantime, Jackson mentioned something about the comment against him in one of his sermons. He’ll probably get his pal Jeff Van Gundy to say something in one of their broadcasts.

Steve Kerr is off to an incredible start in his head coaching career. He is now part of a two man group, including Al Cervi of the Syracuse Nationals in 1950 to win 18 of their first 20 games as NBA head coaches. Cervi took his team to a 51-13 record that year, and made the NBA finals. The Warriors have never won more than 59 games in a regular season, with Kerr on pace to do something a whole lot better.

The Timberwolves, playing without Rubio, Pekovic, Martin and Mo Williams, weren’t much of a challenge. They haven’t been to anyone as most of their key players have succumbed to injury. Maybe this is a tanking season after all and the front office along with the coaching staff (Saunders is both actually) is making their returns a lot slower than they should be, with Minnesota falling to 4-16, which means they’re even worse than the Los Angeles Lakers.

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