Houston Texans – Andre Johnson the Only One With Something to Play for

Andre Johnson

Not everything is about winning, at least not for the Houston Texans, heading into the final week of the NFL season carrying 13 consecutive losses and nothing to play for. Andre Johnson, the team’s star wide receiver for the last decade, has a bit more at stake, having the chance to become the first player with four seasons of 100 receptions and 1500 yards at least.

A silver lining? Probably not for anyone, including Johnson, but for those who love to follow up on stats, Johnson entering the final game, regardless of which quarterback gets to throw to him, with a chance to cement his status of being one of the most productive wide receivers in NFL history, not to mention what it might do when it’s time to decide if he deserves a place in the hall of fame or not, with some people really strict about the numbers and not anything else.

Johnson hasn’t really let the losing and the changes at quarterback affect his play. Balls that get thrown at his direction are usually heading in the right one. He has caught 103 passes for 1398 yards this season, which means he’ll need 102 receiving yards to accomplish the feat, following the 2012, 2009 and 2008 seasons when he finished with at least 100 receptions and 1500 yards.

How difficult is it going to be? They’re playing the Tennessee Titans, who don’t have much to play for either, which is a good sign for those hoping to see a lot of yards and not a lot of defense. Johnson had six games this season of more than 100 yards, which bodes well for him this time. The Titans don’t have the easiest defense to play against, but they’re easier competition than the Broncos and Colts, the last two teams the Texans lost to, with Johnson putting up 8 receptions and 81 yards in both games combined.

Something Johnson will surely be happy with is catching a touchdown pass. He has only five this season, concentrating in two games (weeks 9 and 10), going six consecutive games without a TD catch so far.