Jay Cutler Sends a F&^* You to Mike Martz

Even when Jay Cutler comes up with a very good game, leading the Chicago Bears to a 39-10 win over the Minnesota Vikings while throwing two touchdown passes and no interceptions, arguably his best game this season, something bad has to come out of it.

A lot has already been said this season about the communication method the Chicago Bears are using this season. Mike Martz, the offensive coordinator, makes the calls in the booth, then to quarterback coach Shane Day, who then talks to Cutler through the helmet.

The Bears have been blowing through timeouts this season due to delays of getting the plays in, and Cutler has been seen not once or twice being very frustrated from the situation. On Sunday night, the cameras captured that frustration in his actions, eyes, and words, telling Day to send a ‘Fuck You’ to Mike Martz in the booth.

Head coach Lovie Smith tried to play the situation down – It’s like you guys in the media. I don’t want to know what you’re saying down here always. If you had cameras here, you’d find out a lot of things that most people don’t want to get out. So, for us, some things are sacred a little bit. Like the locker room for the players. You don’t want cameras and microphones down there. So, again, there has got to be more important things to talk about than that type of stuff — football.