Boston Celtics’ Jaylen Brown Showing Off his 1-on-1 Skills vs a Friend

Jaylen Brown

It’s always impressive to see how good an NBA player is against a normal person. Jaylen Brown of the Boston Celtics looked just like that playing against a fan and a Division 2 basketball player, Trevin Steede.

Steede, in the video at least, looks more like a friend than a fan, which was in the initial title over social media when the video came out. But Steede and Brown are both connected through the town of Marietta, Georgia. Brown grew up there, just like Steede.

Friend or fan, it doesn’t matter. Brown looked like he was having a very easy time dominating, hitting any shot he liked, having a little bit of fun before the regular season begin.

Brown will be entering his second season in the NBA and with the Celtics by the time the team plays its first game on opening night, facing the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Brown averaged 6.6 points in 17.2 minutes per game during his rookie season, mostly playing at small forward but also getting minutes at power forward. Basketball Reference are projecting him to have a slightly better season statistically, but with the additions of Gordon Hayward and rookie Jason Tatum, it might be difficult for Brown to see an increase in his playing time. 

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