Jordan Hamilton Ejected for Not Punching Steven Adams

In recent years, the NBA has turned into something of a Big Brother mind controlling organization – to think about something illegal is pretty much like doing it. Jordan Hamilton got ejected for simply thinking to punch Steven Adams after bumping in to him. Not actually going through with it didn’t stop the officials from chucking him out of the game, which means he’ll also be punished by the league itself.

During the game between the Denver Nuggets and the Oklahoma City Thunder (which the Thunder won 105-93), as the Nuggets missed another shot, Hamilton was trying to make his way back on defense but bumped into Steven Adams from behind. Thinking, for a second, that this was some hit on purpose coming from the center, Hamilton began swinging his arm to hit and retaliate. However, he made up his mind mid-hit to give up and carry on.

Jordan Hamilton

However, the officials caught him beginning his swinging motion, stopped the game, pinned a flagrant foul on him and ejected him. Right decision? In the mind of what David Stern has turned the NBA into, probably.

But honestly? It wasn’t a confrontation between the two players. Hamilton didn’t make that move in order to intimidate Adams. He simply had a momentary glitch that he actually was smart enough to pull back on. Things like this shouldn’t result in flagrant fouls, ejections and longer suspensions, unless the NBA’s front office wants to continue and look ridiculous.