Lowry Stunned by His & Raptors Box Score Stats

Kyle Lowry

Kyle Lowry was bad in the Toronto Raptors loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Everyone on his team was bad in game 5. But in an example of how the numbers can sometimes surprise someone who was actually at the game, Lowry shows shock and disbelief when he’s first encountered with the box score.

After games, when players sit down for their postgame press conferences, they also have sheets with the stats from the game, and they often glance over them while reporters toss questions at them.

After the unpleasant 116-78 beatdown in game at the hands of the Cavaliers, Lowry was ready to be grilled by reporters about why his team looked bad and how they’re going to fix it. You know, the usual stuff.

But without planning or intending to, he actually provided the moment of the night thanks to his facial expressions after seeing the box score for the first time. What was it that shocked him so much? The Raptors shooting 3-for-17 from three? Only 60% from the line? Him turning the ball over five times? There was plenty to choose from.

Kyle Lowry couldn't believe the box score last night 😂(h/t @houseofhighlights)

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