Lance Armstrong – Once a Cheater, Always a Cheater

Lance Armstrong

No matter how disgraced his name has become, Lance Armstrong doesn’t regret cheating to win multiple Tour de France races, saying in an interview with the BBC that he would have done it all over again if given the chance.

Well, not exactly. It all depends on the time machine. According to Armstrong, you can now win a Tour without taking PEDs and using drugs to help you through the impossible climbs and the brutal punishment this race inflicts on your body. But back then? Impossible. Not with everyone doing it.

Armstrong is still referring to himself as something of a martyr¬†although he doesn’t use that word. He thinks he has paid a heavy price personally for something that everyone did. He simply did it better than them, and was able to hide it for a much longer time.

It’s hard to believe anything coming out of his mouth after he deceived millions and made millions off of them for so many years. This isn’t a case of someone with a burning desire inside of him to come clean. This is a cheater who got caught, denied it all and eventually had to face up to the consequences only when there was no other choice.

He wants to get back into racing and he wants his titles restored. His reasoning? Because that block next to the ‘winner’ label for those years in which he won the Tour seven times in a row (1999-2005) shouldn’t remain empty, going on to compare it to World War One and World War Two.

Armstrong is a false prophet and a symbol to nothing. His attempts at trying to clear his name are pathetic, especially with zero regret and remorse for lying to everyone and making so much money off of them while doing so. He became a symbol but it turns out he was hollow inside with nothing actual and true standing behind him. It all fell apart and it’s good the truth came out. He shouldn’t be given the opportunity to somehow distort the story in his favor one more time.

Interview: BBC