LeBron James is Better Than Stephen Curry at Everything

LeBron James, Stephen Curry

Last year was another step in the evolution of Stephen Curry, turning into a great NBA player. But a better offensive player than LeBron James? It’s not a comparison anyone would make, but the Golden State Warriors said so himself, and he couldn’t be more wrong.

Players are obviously entitled to their own opinions. It’s good to hear confidence from them, but when its borderline delusional, it means it went past the agreed point. Stephen Curry might think of himself as the best player of the NBA, but just watching him before reviewing his statistics clearly shows that it isn’t the case. It’s not even close, and it’s not just LeBron James standing in his way.

Let the record show that Curry didn’t say (during an interview on the Dan Patrick show) he was the best player in the league. He said that he’s a better offensive player. He said he think he might be a better play maker and ball distributor, or at least hinted at that.

There is one thing Curry is better than James at. Maybe better than the rest of the league – his three point shooting. However, being deadly from long range doesn’t make him a better player than James. He didn’t say anything about Kevin Durant, who is probably the agreed answer when it comes to the best offensive player in the league. Carmelo Anthony would be better than Curry as well. James Harden, for all of the faults in his game, is a better offensive player as well. A healthy Derrick Rose might be better, and Russell Westbrook should be counted up there as well.

Curry’s words shouldn’t be taken too seriously. He was put in a situation where any answer he would have given would have gotten some sort of negative interpretation. That’s the nature of this business. Making a comment that makes some splashy noises and then have it dissected into tiny pieces while trying to show how it reflects on you as a human being. Not very fair, but I guess it comes with being born with basketball talent very few in the world possess.

When the Golden State Warriors play the Cleveland Cavaliers next, someone is going to remember that line. Someone is going to make it bigger, like it meant something more, and take it out of context. Maybe it will breath some fire and flame of rivalry into that game.

Curry isn’t better than James. Not as a player, and not as an offensive player. Maybe it’s not fair comparing different positions, but they’re all on the court at the same time, more or less trying to do the same thing – helping their team score. It’s hard to find too many people who’d prefer having Curry playing next to them instead of LeBron James.

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