Stop Comparing Tim Tebow to LeBron James

LeBron James and Tim Tebow have nothing in common, but the two time NBA MVP tweeting and talking about the Denver Broncos quarterback in recent months and again this Friday, mostly regarding the criticism the both face regarding their performance.

James, at least, feels there’s is some shared and common ground between the two – I love to see what a guy can do when his back is up against the wall and everybody counts him out. I’m in that same boat sometimes. I can relate to him a lot. I see how the media plays it sometimes and how the critics go at him. To see him prove them wrong … he continues to stay positive and move forward. You respect that.

Tim Tebow, right now, according to certain surveys, is the most popular athlete in America. A quarterback who can’t complete 50% of his throws, how doesn’t know what do when he’s in the pocket most games, but is outwardly religious, even taking part of anti-abortions campaign. Tebowing? I think it’s in the dictionary by now.

LeBron James? I never understood how James turned from one of the most beloved athletes in the United States to a hate figure and a symbol of being unfaithful to his team. I mean, I know what happened, but besides making a spectacle of it, with ESPN leading him on and then turning around and bashing his face with the image they helped set up, James never did anything wrong.

Some say he took the easy way out, by joining friends and stars in Miami, trying to win a title with the Heat instead of staying king in Cleveland and Ohio, the state’s favorite son just less than two years ago, and trying to win a title with them. James didn’t go for money, he just went to play with two guys who are great friends, great players, who have a better chance of helping him become champions. I don’t understand where the hate comes from.

I know where a lot of hate for Tebow comes from. Some do it for actual reasons on the field, and some for his views off of it. But Tebow is still an enigma, and the inability to explain why he has won so much as a pro quarterback, despite the obvious shortcomings and missing essential qualities a quarterback should have drives people insane. He shouldn’t be beating the Pittsburgh Steelers, but he did.

I’m not a huge Tebow fan, and I do believe he’ll never be an elite quarterback. He’ll improve his throwing, and he is exciting to watch outside the pocket. But his potential is limited. LeBron James? Best player in the NBA. Best tool-kit available, off to another incredible season, at least by the numbers. The Heat are in sort of a funk right now, but they’ve been there last season. The only problem is James not taking over in the fourth quarter, where Tebow usually thrives with the game on the line.

James may be seeing some sort of similarity between the two because Tebow gets a lot of coverage but trust me, there is nothing similar between the two, and the comparisons need to stop.