Manu Ginobili So Good He Makes Shoes Explode

Not all the sneakers NBA players put on their feet before a game are made of undestructible material, as Manu Ginobili found out during the game between the San Antonio Spurs and the Detroit Pistons, with his foot bursting out of his shoe as he was trying to play some defense.

The unusual moment occured while Ginobili was trying to guard Rodney Stuckey, manuevering his way towards the basket. Ginobili was planting his feet to try and block his way to the rim. Instead, what happened was his shoe bursting with his ankle and feet simply going through the bottom of it.

Ginobili actually finished the play before walking off the court to replace his pair. Gregg Popovich called a timeout so Ginobili wouldn’t miss any time and a ballboy raced to to the locker room and bring a new pair for him to wear.

The Spurs won the game 120-110, with Ginobili scoring 16 points off the bench in the win.