Miami Heat – Can’t be a Two Man Team

    While LeBron James keeps getting another player to join him in his impressive effort every night, the rest of the Miami Heat team fail to chip in what they’re supposed to. One time it’s Chris Bosh, the other it’s Dwyane Wade. Regardless of who it is, it simply isn’t enough.

    For the second time this season, the Miami Heat have lost on consecutive nights, both on the road. First to the Detroit Pistons by 10 points and then against to the Milwaukee Bucks, routed by 19 in Wisconsin.

    We go through this every year. It’s a part of the journey. You have to have these moments throughout the season. To win later in the year, you have something to pull from.

    As Wade said, there’s nothing to worry about. Even the best teams in the NBA have their off moments, and the Miami Heat, 20-8 this season, are having quite a few of them. It seems that the energy spent in the big win over the Oklahoma City Thunder on Christmas hasn’t been brought back to the team. Losing to the Bobcats was out of the question, so even in a bad performance from most of the team, there was no losing to the worst in the NBA. But in Detroit and Milwaukee? The Heat just look lifeless to early.

    LeBron James has been the constant. He finished with 26 points, 6 rebounds and 7 assists, shooting over 50% from the field once again. This has been one impressive December from the MVP, but the Heat have lost five times this month; two of these losses to a couple of the weakest teams in the NBA.

    Chris Bosh was the man who aided James in the loss to the Pistons while Dwyane Wade was out. This time, with the big three, it was Wade who stepped up, coming back from his suspension, but it was simply not enough. Bosh had a bad shooting day, finishing with 12 points. The more worrying sign was the bench. Rashard Lewis has been erased by Erik Spoelstra for his non-existent defense, but with Ray Allen going through quite a rough stretch in the past few weeks, it’s hard to see where the offense can come from. Allen finished with only 3 points, shooting 1-6 from the field.

    Aside from James and Wade, the Heat shot a terrible 12-37 from the field, 32.4%. This is a second consecutive night when the players around James and the other guy shoot under 40%, and even against the weakest teams in the NBA that’s is a recipe for disaster. Against a dangerous team like the Bucks, 16-12 this season, it’s almost a guaranteed loss.

    We don’t want to make any excuses about it. Milwaukee kicked our butt. They were the better team tonight. We will gather ourselves, get to Orlando and start to work on it.

    What is that work? Defense and ball movement. Heat players take too many tough shots. Shut off their brains on offense and take whatever James sets them up with. The Miami Heat play their best basketball when the ball doesn’t stop moving, and there is always an extra pass. With two or three players on the floor that demand so much attention, you’re bound to have open men. Mario Chalmers, Shane Battier, Ray Allen and Mike Miller will make these open shots.

    Again, no reason to panic. This isn’t Lakers-size problems, only a hiccup and bump in the road on the long journey to another postseason. But fixing these issues, be it technical or mental, is a must. Getting used to LeBron James being this good and doing everything on his own just isn’t healthy for a team that was about becoming deeper and a bit more varied in its ability to score earlier this season.