NBA Franchises All Time Three Point Leaders

    It didn’t take Stephen Curry very long to reach 701 career 3-pointers, making him the franchise leader (Golden State Warriors), becoming the second family member to be the all-time leader for a franchise in three point field goals along with his father Dell.

    Curry is a rare example of a high volume three point shooter who hits at a very high percentage, unlike most franchise leaders around the NBA such as Kobe Bryant, Allen Iverson or Jason Kidd.

    Atlanta Hawks – Mookie Blaylock

    Mookie Blaylock

    With 1050 three pointers during his 7 seasons with the Atlanta Hawks, Blaylock is the franchise leaders for 3-point field goals, also leading in attempts with 3023. His accuracy of 34.7% doesn’t even land him in the team’s top 10, led by non other than Kyle Korver, who is into his second season with the Hawks, hitting 46.8% of his attempts. Among players who spent longer with the team, Mike Bibby’s 39.7% from beyond the arc grabs the lead (4 seasons).

    Boston Celtics – Paul Pierce

    Paul Pierce

    With 1823 three pointers (36.9%), Paul Pierce is by far the top three-point shooter in Boston Celtics history, almost 900 more than second-placed Antoine Walker. Eddie House is the most accurate of shooters with 41.2%, with Ray Allen right behind with 40.9%.

    Brooklyn Nets – Jason Kidd

    Jason Kidd

    Kidd hit only 34.2% of his three point attempts as a Nets player, not exactly sharpshooter material, but he did make (813) and take (2377) more than anyone else in franchise history, with Kerry Kittles behind, making 687 3-pointers. The most accurate shooter in franchise history was Drazen Petrovic, connecting on 43.7% of his attempts.

    Charlotte Bobcats – Raymond Felton

    Raymond Felton

    In five seasons with the Bobcats, Felton hit 375 three-pointers at a 32.7% accuracy rate. D.J. Augustin with 350 is right behind him, and Kemba Walker, into his second season, is already at 203. Walter Herrmann, spending less than 2 seasons with the team, is the franchise’s most accurate shooter at 44%.

    Chicago Bulls – Kirk Hinrich

    Kirk Hinrich

    Hinrich has made (901) and attempted (2387) more three point shots than anyone else in Chicago Bulls history, spending most of his career since entering the league in 2003 with them. Ben Gordon is next with 770. The most accurate? Not hard to guess it’s Steve Kerr, shooting an amazing 47.9% from beyond the arc during his time with the Bulls.

    Cleveland Cavaliers – Mark Price

    Mark Price, Steve Kerr

    LeBron James with 771 three pointers nearly made it, but Price is still the top mark with 802, making 40.9% of his shots. Steve Kerr, showing up in this swag-filled picture, hit 47.2% of his three point shots while spending the early part of his career with the Cavs.

    Dallas Mavericks – Dirk Nowitzki

    Dirk Nowitzki

    It’s hard to find a category for the Mavs that isn’t led by Nowitzki, currently at 1372 three-pointers, followed by Jason Terry with 1140. Nowitzki is 10th on the accuracy leaders, making 38.2% of his shots. Jose Calderon is in the lead (hitting more than the 50 minimum) at 47.2%, but for longer tenured players Hubert Davis, making 45.4% from beyond the arc is in the lead.

    Denver Nuggets – J.R. Smith

    J.R. Smith

    J.R. Smith with 768 out of 2010 attempts is in the lead, which is also good enough for the 8th highest shooting percentage, making 38.2% of his shots. Kenny Smith spent less then one season with the team, so his 42.5% doesn’t really count. Arron Afflalo at 41.9% comes right after him.

    Detroit Pistons – Joe Dumars

    Joe Dumars

    Dumars made 990 of his 2592 three-point attempts during his career, and his 38.2% is good enough for 7th all-time on the franchise’s list. Chauncey Billups with 883 3’s come right after him, while Jose Calderon, spending less than a season with the team, has the highest shooting percentage at 52%. Jon Barry follows with 44.1% during his two seasons.

    Golden State Warriors – Stephen Curry

    Stephen Curry

    Curry has reached 701, leaping over Jason Richardson with 700. Curry isn’t the team’s most accurate shooter all-time (“only” third with 44.5%), with Brandon Rush (44.8%) and Anthony Morrow (46%) being a little bit more accurate, although with a lot less shooting involved.

    Houston Rockets – Vernon Maxwell

    Vernon Maxwell

    Maxwell is in the lead with 730-for-2241 (32.6%), followed by Cuttino Mobley, making 672 3-pointers during his Rockets career. Jon Barry, who played 73 games for the Rockets, is their most accurate 3-point shooter, making 43.6% of his shots in Houston.

    Indiana Pacers – Reggie Miller

    Reggie Miller

    Reggie Miller, and no one is really close. He made 2560-of-6486 3-point shots, 39.5%. Danny Granger is next with 933, which he has a chance to improve, if he ever gets back to play basketball again. The franchise’s most accurate shooter is Chris Mullin, making 44.1% of his attempts.

    Los Angeles Clippers – Eric Piatkowski

    Eric Piatkowski

    Piatkowski spent his first nine seasons in the league with the Clippers, making 738 three point shots. The closest to him is Corey Maggette with 367. Piatkowski is the third most accurate shooter for them at 40.2%. Vlad Radmanovic spent less than a season hitting 41.8% of his shots. Willie Green (41%) is a more fitting all-time leader due to relative longevity.

    Los Angeles Lakers – Kobe Bryant

    Kobe Bryant

    Almost every offensive quantity record for the Lakers belongs to Bryant, making 1637 three-pointers so far in his career, leading the next player on this list, Derek Fisher, by almost 800 field goals. Bryant has hit only 33.6% of them. Steve Nash is the most accurate shooter in Lakers history (43.4%), but when looking for someone with a bit more Laker-experience, Radmanovic is in the lead, making 40% of his shots.

    Memphis Grizzlies – Mike Miller

    Mike Miller

    Miller, now back with the Grizzlies, is in the lead with 765 3-pointers, 265 more than the next in line, Jason Williams. Miller is also the most accurate shooter in franchise history, making 41.6% of his shots.

    Miami Heat – Tim Hardaway

    Tim Hardaway

    Hardaway played half a decade in Miami, making 806 3-pointers, slightly ahead of Eddie Jones with 712. Hardaway connected on 35.6% of his three-point shots, not nearly enough to compete with Jason Kapono, the all-time leader at 49%.

    Milwaukee Bucks – Ray Allen

    Ray Allen

    Allen, with 1051 3-pointers made, is just ahead of Michael Redd at 1003. He would have gotten past him if it wasn’t for all those injuries, but Allen didn’t play very long for the Bucks as well, leaving to Seattle after a few seasons. Dell Curry, making 47.6% of his shots, is the most accurate shooter in franchise history.

    Minnesota Timberwolves – Anthony Peeler

    Anthony Peeler

    Peeler played just a bit less than six seasons with the Timberwolves, hitting 465 three pointers (37.9%). He leads Wally Szczerbiak by 122, with Kevin Love (290) quickly closing the gap. Fred Hoiberg, shooting 46.1%, is the franchise’s most accurate shooter.

    New Orleans Pelicans – Dell Curry

    Dell Curry

    Another Curry family sighting, and second for Dell, who hit 929 3-pointers while playing for the Charlotte Hornets (40.5%). He leads David Wesley who comes in second with 644, while Ryan Anderson is the leader among active players, already making 250 for the team. Tony Delk, with less than 2 seasons for the team, is the most accurate shooter with 46.9%, but Glen Rice (44.4%) is a more deserving recipient of the “award.”

    New York Knicks – John Starks

    John Starks

    Starks spent 8 seasons with the Knicks, making 982 3-pointers (34.5%), leading Allan Houston with 921. Hubert Davis, a 44.9% shooter, is the franchise’s most accurate shooter, followed by Steve Novak making 44.6% of his attempts before leaving the Knicks.

    Oklahoma City Thunder – Rashard Lewis

    Rashard Lewis

    Lewis played for the Seattle Supersonics, making 973 3-pointers (38.6%), just ahead of Gary Payton with 917. Kevin Durant has already hit 731, making him a definite choice to take the top spot very soon. Brent Barry, making 42.9% of his shots, is the franchise’s most accurate 3-point shooter.

    Orlando Magic – Dennis Scott

    Dennis Scott

    Dennis Scott made 981 3-pointers for the Magic at an impressive 40.3%, leading his teammate Nick Anderson by 81. Cuttino Mobley made 46.4% of his attempts for the Magic, but spent only half a season with the team. Courtney Lee, playing his rookie year with the team, made 40.4% of his shots, while Scott is the leader among those with a relatively long career in Orlando.

    Philadelphia 76ers – Allen Iverson

    Allen Iverson

    Iverson hit 885 three pointers during his time with the Sixers (30.9%), leading Kyle Korver with 661. Surprisingly, Korver is only second in accuracy (40.8%), while Dana Barros, making 42.6%, is the current leader.

    Phoenix Suns – Steve Nash

    Steve Nash

    Mostly remembered for his second stint with the team, Nash made 1051 3-pointers, 251 more than Dan Majerle. Nash, making 43.5% of his attempts, is also the most accurate 3-point shooter in Suns history.

    Portland Trail Blazers – Terry Porter

    Terry Porter

    Porter, with 773 3’s, is the all-time leader, making 38.5% of his attempts. Damon Stoudemire is next with 717, but after him come two active players – Nicolas Batum (553) and Wesley Matthews (508). James Jones, who played one season for the team, is their most accurate shooter, making 44.4% of his shots. Kiki Vandeweghe, who had a longer tenure with the team, comes next, making 40.8%.

    Sacramento Kings – Peja Stojakovic

    Peja Stojakovic

    With 1070 3-pointers, Stojakovic leads the way, making 39.8% of his shots. Mitch Richmond comes next, hitting 993 from beyond the arc. Anthony Peeler (him again), playing just one season in Sacramento, is their most accurate shooter, hitting 48.2% of his attempts.

    San Antonio Spurs – Manu Ginobili

    Manu Ginobili

    Ginobili is way ahead of the competition and widening the gap, hitting 1121 shots from beyond the arc so far in his career, 37.2%. Bruce Bown comes next with 661, before Matt Bonner with 564. Danny Green, making 42.8% of his shots, is their most accurate player.

    Toronto Raptors – Morris Peterson

    Morris Peterson

    Peterson spent the first 7 seasons of his career with the Raptors, making 801 of his 3-point attempts (37.1%), far ahead of Andrea Bargnani who left the team with 579. Jason Kapono, playing two seasons in Toronto, is their most accurate shooter, making 44.7% of his shots.

    Utah Jazz – John Stockton

    John Stockton

    Stockton leads the list of 3-point field goals in Utah, hitting 845 during his 19 year career, 38.4%. Bryon Russell comes next with 540. Jeff Hornacek, a backcourt teammate of Stockton’s and the current Suns head coach, is their most accurate shooter, making 42.8% of his shots.

    Washington Wizards – Gilbert Arenas

    Gilbert Arenas

    Agent zero had some great years in Washington before his injuries, making 868 shots (35.7%) from beyond the arc, 222 more than Antawn Jamison. Mike Miller, hitting 47.9% of his three point attempts, is the team’s most accurate shooter.