Flop of the Playoffs – Marcus Smart of the Boston Celtics Channeling his Oklahoma State Days


Back when Marcus Smart was a star in Stillwater for the Oklahoma State Cowboys, he picked up quite a few haters thanks to his never ending flopping. While he has kept that part of his game lowkey since starting his NBA career, it’s sometimes stronger than him, and came back big time in game 3 of the playoff series with the Atlanta Hawks.

Rather late in the game, with the Celtics up by six points, Smart was trying to sneak up behind Kyle Korver to grab an offensive rebound. The ball bounced too far for him to reach, but that didn’t stop him from trying to make the most of the possession.

Perhaps Korver brushed him with his back or elbow. Maybe. But Smart decided to show his athleticism by leaping into the air and crashing onto the floor, hoping someone notices how hard he was just “fouled”.

And if you think this is just a one time thing, check out his “greatest hits” from his college days.

The Celtics still won, despite Avery Bradley not playing. Their 111-103 win makes it a 2-1 lead for the Hawks in the series. Smart, coming off a terrible season in terms of shooting, finishing with 11 points, 5 assists and 2 blocks in 33 minutes.