NBA Rumors – New York Knicks Sign Jimmer Fredette, Head Coach Kurt Rambis Hates Him

Jimmer, Rambis

The New York Knicks are headed towards where they usually are: Missing the playoffs. Signing Jimmer Fredette to a 10-day contract isn’t going to change that, but it’s interesting to see the reaction of Carmelo Anthony and Kurt Rambis, the team’s head coach, to the whole situation.

Anthony? He doesn’t really care. He barely knows Fredette, seemed surprised when he heard he got signed up from the D-League and doesn’t think it’s actually going to change things for the Knicks, who are 24-34, drifting further and further away from making the playoffs.

Rambis, who is 1-3 so far since taking over for Derek Fisher and is 57-148 in his career as a head coach in the NBA, was a bit more direct in revealing his “happiness” about Fredette signing with the team.

Rambis said that a lot of the decision to sign him came from management. In short? I didn’t want him, but no one asked me. Which isn’t a surprise considering Rambis isn’t considered someone who is going to be coaching the Knicks beyond this season.

But there’s more from Rambis: He’s not going to displace someone who’s played all year and has worked hard in practice. He’s got to be keyed in to where everyone’s supposed to be. I’m not sure he’s there yet. He’s basically an off-guard in this league. He’s going to have to use his speed and quickness against someone who’s a lot taller and stronger. He’s had some good offensive nights, there’s also nights he struggled shooting the basketball. He’s had some moments in this league. He is someone who can shoot the ball. If there’s a time we need that versatility, floor spacing, somebody very aggressive offensively, it might be something we use. Ouch. Tell us how you really feel.

As for Fredette, he couldn’t be happier about another opportunity to play in the NBA. He scored 3 points in less than two minutes of basketball, getting plenty of cheering from the fans. Fredette if from upstate New York and while it’s been awhile since his BYU days, the cult following remains in a Tim Tebow kind of way. And while it’s hard not rooting for the guy to get more than the 10-day deal he’s on and find a place in the league, it’s hard to believe it’s going to happen when the head coach has no intention of helping him out.

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