NBA – Day 5 Scores & Standings

Posted on 3 Nov, 2013, by in NBA

Philadelphia 76ers

The unpredictable Philadelphia 76ers continue to stun everyone with another win over an Eastern Conference favorite, beating the Chicago Bulls and improving to 3-0. The Indiana Pacers, with a win over the Cavs, and the Houston Rockets, beating the Utah Jazz, are also undefeated after three games this season.

The Jazz, losing for the third time this season, are one of four teams still without a win this year and one of two teams (along with the Denver Nuggets) to lose all three opening games.

Cleveland Cavaliers 74  Indiana Pacers 89: Some excellent defense from the Pacers, keeping Cleveland on only 34.9% shooting from the field. Lance Stephenson continues his strong start to the season with 22 points, while Paul George follows with a strong 21 points, 13 rebounds performance.

Chicago Bulls 104  Philadelphia 76ers  107: The struggles of Derrick Rose continue, especially against a rookie like Michael Carter-Williams, who was once again the best player on the floor. He scored 26 points and added 10 assists, helped by 20 points from Evan Turner and 18 from Spencer Hawes, who also grabbed 11 rebounds. Carlos Boozer scored 22 points to lead the Bulls who had Rose on another awful shooting night at 4-of-14.

Charlotte Bobcats 84  New Orleans Pelicans 105: Al Jefferson isn’t playing, and the Bobcats look terrible. Meanwhile, New Orleans picked up their first win of the season with a very impressive 25 points, 8 rebounds, 4 assists, 6 steals and 6 blocks performance from Anthony Davis. The Bobcats, on the other hand, hit only 37.5% of their field goal attempts, and an even worse 14.3% from beyond the arc.

Toronto Raptors 97  Milwaukee Bucks 90: Another awful performance from the Bucks, this time on their home opener, allowed the Raptors, led by 18 points from Rudy Gay and 18 points from DeMar DeRozan to pick up their second win of the season.

Houston Rockets 104  Utah Jazz 93: A fantastic performance from pretty much everyone playing for the Rockets: Chandler Parsons led with 24 points, followed by James Harden with 23 points, Jeremy Lin with 20 and Dwight Howard scoring 15, keeping the team undefeated.

San Antonio Spurs 105  Portland Trail Blazers 115: Nicolas Batum is getting better and better with every game that goes by, as a lucky half court shot helped him reach a triple double. The usual suspects for the Blazers were good enough so a bench wasn’t needed: Lillard with 25 points, LaMarcus Aldridge with 24 and Wesley Matthews with 20.

Sacramento Kings 87  Golden State Warriors 98: The Warriors finish their Californian tour with a comfortable win over the Kings, getting once more big nights from Klay Thompson (27 points) and Stephen Curry (22 points), with the two hitting a combined eight three-pointers.

1Indiana Pacers *301.0003
2Philadelphia 76ers *301.0003
3Toronto Raptors21.6671.03
4Atlanta Hawks *11.5001.52
5Detroit Pistons11.5001.52
6New York Knicks11.5001.52
7Brooklyn Nets11.5001.52
8Charlotte Bobcats12.3332.03
9Miami Heat12.3332.03
10Cleveland Cavaliers12.3332.03
11Chicago Bulls12.3332.03
12Milwaukee Bucks12.3332.03
13Orlando Magic12.3332.03
14Boston Celtics02.0002.52
15Washington Wizards02.0002.52
1Houston Rockets *301.0003
2Phoenix Suns *201.0000.52
3Minnesota Timberwolves *201.0000.52
4Los Angeles Clippers21.6671.03
5Portland Trail Blazers21.6671.03
6San Antonio Spurs21.6671.03
7Golden State Warriors21.6671.03
8Dallas Mavericks21.6671.03
9Oklahoma City Thunder11.5001.52
10Los Angeles Lakers12.3332.03
11Sacramento Kings12.3332.03
12Memphis Grizzlies12.3332.03
13New Orleans Pelicans12.3332.03
14Utah Jazz03.0003.03
15Denver Nuggets03.0003.03
Image: Source; Standings from wikipedia