At Least We’ll Have Some NBA’ish Basketball in Vegas

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The NBA Lockout? Still going strong. NBA Players moving to Europe? Not a flood, but a constant drip. Kobe Bryant, Kevin Duant and others getting some extra attention while scoring incredible numbers in street ball leagues around the country? You got it. Talks between the owners and Union? Not really happening. The NBA cancelled its officail summer league back in July when it was clear the season wasn’t about to start on time. The Vegas Summer league, organized by Impact Academy, will be taking place.

So, what’s it going to be like – On September 12, the league will kick off, with games played in the afternoons and evenings, Monday through Friday, going on for two weeks, with a playoff to decide the winner of the tournament. The biggest difference compared to Pro-Am leagues is the NBA-Only rule. College experience isn’t enough.

It’s still undecided whether fans will be charged money to watch the games or enter for free. If they’ll be charged for the tickets, the money will go to a charity of the players’ choice.

Biggest question – Who’ll come and play? Well – Blake Griffin, along with teammates Mo Williams and Radny Foye have expressed interest to enter the league with a team made up only from their teammates. The league is planned to have 8 teams with seven guys on each roster. Nazr Mohammed is trying to convince Thunder teammates, including Kevin Durant and James Harden to join the league. Pacers’ Dahntay Jones and Al Harrington are also trying to build a Pacer-like team.

The Academy’s owner, Joe Abunassar, has also mentioned that more will join, referring to the players already working out with the Academy – Rudy Gay, John Wall, Jared Dudley, Chauncey Billups, Kyle Lowry and others. Zach Randolph, currently dealing with an alleged drug-related assault charge, might also join the league.

So no NBA basketball yet – no talks means no immediate hope of the league returning to normal. Meanwhile, a Vegas summer league with NBA players is the best we got.