NFL – Bears vs Packers Predictions

Bears vs Packers

The season is falling apart for the Chicago Bears, and it might come to a humiliating crash landing as they visit the Green Bay Packers, with Aaron Rodgers ready for another shot at making Jay Cutler look like a terrible quarterback.

The Bears have fallen to 3-5, putting them in the last place in the NFC North. It might no longer be a question of making the playoffs or not, as everything is possible still. It’s more about whether or not this is going to end up being an embarrassing performance for a franchise that’s been beaten badly by Aaron Rodgers on almost every occasion in recent years, including a 38-17 win for the Packers in Chicago just over a month ago.

Jay Cutler is better than only three other quarterbacks in the NFL when it comes to making the deep pass work. He is 28th in the NFL in yards per attempt as opposed to Aaron Rodgers being first when it comes to throws traveling more than 15 yards downfield. Rodgers has yet to be intercepted unlike six from Cutler on these throws. Rodgers is second on total QBR for these throws, while Cutler is 30th. That might be the best way to sum up the difference between both teams.

What’s worse for the Bears is what happens when Jay Cutler faces the Packers in Lambeau. He has two games on his visits to Green Bay with four interceptions thrown. He has only won once when facing Aaron Rodgers on the other side. While Cutler might actually make his team worse when he isn’t playing well and his confidence shrinking by the minute, there is no doubt about Rodgers’ leadership, and about how much better he makes the Packers every time he’s on the field.

Leadership might be the key word. The Bears looked lost on both ends of the field. Cutler might have the ability to make certain throws with specific routes and receivers, but when he does badly, he drags the team down with him. Since Brian Urlacher has been forced to retire by the front office, the Bears seem to be lost on defense as well. Add that to the inexperienced coaching crew that has been vastly overrated and you don’t end up with a whole lot to follow.

Maybe the injury situation in the Bears’ defense will be better this week: Lance Briggs is back, Kyle Fuller should play and the same goes for Chris Conte. But the more we see from the Bears this season the more it seems like their win over the San Francisco 49ers was a fluke, some rare occurrence in the fourth quarter. Things haven’t gone according to plan exactly for the Packers as well, needing some late game magic to go through the Dolphins, but they’re coming in very confident, not to mention after a bye week, against a team they’re used to picking apart.

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