2013 NFL Draft – Collin Klein Looking for his Place in the League

Like many more successful quarterbacks in College Football, Collin Klein, coming out of Kansas State, isn’t exactly being viewed as a great prospect for NFL success. Still, with the right kind of work heading into the combine and pro-days, Klein might get a chance to impress teams that run the read-option in some form, like the Seattle Seahawks, San Franciscoo 49ers, Washington Redskins or Philadelphia Eagles.

Klein spent four years under Bill Snyder and the Wildcats, reaching, finally, a BCS Bowl on his senior years, also finishing third in the Heisman vote for the 2012 season. Klein threw for a career high 2641 yards, also adding 920 yards on the ground. No one is really expecting Klein to become a future NFL quarterback, or anything more than a backup. Some even list the 6’5 player, who began his career with the Wildcats as a wide receiver, as potential NFL tight end.

Klein, however, wants to become a quarterback, working on his passing mechanics, among other things, with former NFL quarterback Jake Plummer. There hope is not only relying on the fact that Klein picks up enough to make an impression for scouts heading into the NFL Draft as someone who should be regarded as a capable passer and reliable option for a backup quarterback, but also for teams to start picking up the read-option offense, at least as part of their offensive system.

Pass-challenged quarterbacks do make it into the NFL. They just don’t make it in the NFL. Just ask Tim Tebow, who no one wants to touch at the moment unless he changes his position. Kellen Moore out of Boise State is sitting on the bench for the Detroit Lions after going undrafted. Klein doesn’t have a lot of success stories to build upon, if he wishes to be anything more than just a backup QB.

I don’t mind that classification as long as they don’t say I can’t throw. Because that’s not true. I know I can play this game. I know I have the physical toughness, the mental toughness, the football IQ. And I just love the game.

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