NFL Draft – Texas Longhorns Don’t Get a Single Player in

Jackson Jeffcoat

If their record in the Big 12 and overall decline in the power rankings of college football haven’t been enough, another example of just how far Texas have fallen in recent years came in the terrible draft for the school and its players in 2014, as for the first time in 77 years not a single player was taken in any of the rounds.

Even the best defensive end in the nation last season (winning the Hendricks award), an All-American and defensive player of the year in the Big 12, Jackson Jeffcaot, didn’t get picked. He will get a chance as an undrafted free agent like others from Texas, but the six draft hopefuls weren’t ones with a pick wasted on them.

If Mack Brown would still be at the top of the pyramid, there probably would have been an outrage. Instead, this just makes the case for replacing him with Charlie Strong from Louisville even stronger. The Cardinals, along with Texas A&M, were the only schools to have three players selected in the first round. Lindenwood, Pittsburg State, Bloomsburg (Penn.), McGill, Maine, Concordia (St. Paul), Northwest Missouri State, Saginaw Valley and Princeton all got players into the draft, unlike a former powerhouse program like Texas, now heading into a new and hopefully better future. From the State of Texas, 14 other schools had at least one player picked in the draft.

The streak now belongs to Notre Dame, previously tied with Texas for the longest streak of having a player drafted. They had eight players taken through the first seven rounds, including one first rounder in Zack Martin, who was taken by the Dallas Cowboys.

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