NFL Rumors – Atlanta Falcons Interested in Eric Winston

Eric Winston Chiefs

It’s quite clear the Atlanta Falcons are expecting to have a season that will be just as good, if not better, than the last one, and for that, they’ll probably have to improve their current situation at right tackle, which quite possibly means trying to bring in Eric Winston.

Winston has been one of the more popular names among teams looking for offensive tackles this offseason, but despite being linked to quite a few teams along the way, the seven-year veteran is still without a team, and not returning to the Kansas City Chiefs who released him after only one season with the team.

His most memorable moment for the Chiefs was calling out Chiefs fans for cheering when Matt Cassel got injured on the field. Winston claimed “this isn’t the Roman Colosseum” and “it is hard economic times, later suggesting he knew that this might mean he won’t be staying with the Chiefs for long, but cheering over a player getting knocked out is “100% sickening“.

The Falcons released veteran Tyson Clabo to generate more cap space, which some thought was going to be the trigger to bring in Richard Seymour, but that hasn’t happened yet. As of now, it looks like either Lamar Holmes and Mike Johnson, both third rounders from recent years, will be battling for the spot. Holmes is a natural at tackle, but played only one game during his rookie year.

Mike Johnson is a guard, but also lined up as a tight end last season for the Falcons, which means they’re not too confident about their current crop of options at right tackle, and it’s quite a likely possibility to see Eric Winston being approached in the month before the beginning of training camp.

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