NFL Rumors – Buffalo Bills Closer to Starting Tyrod Taylor at Quarterback

Tyrod Taylor

If there’s one team drowning in changing starting quarterback rumors this offseason its the Buffalo Bills, who surprisingly might be giving the job to Tyrod Taylor over EJ Manuel and Matt Cassel.

Yes, Taylor, with four seasons of being a backup to Joe Flacco in Baltimore, throwing a total of 35 passes, not starting a single game. He’s now the favorite by Rex Ryan to start over EJ Manuel, the first round pick in 2013, had a perfect quarterback rating in the previous preseason game and Matt Cassel was expensive to get in terms of draft picks, but they’ll be on the bench.

So why is Taylor getting the job? Besides his impressive ability in training camp and the preseason game (although a lot of them against backup defenses), Ryan seems to like the idea of having a very mobile and unexpected quarterback to work with.

Greg Roman messed up the Colin Kaepernick situation last season, but overall he knows how to make someone like Taylor do well in an offense that’s expected to run a lot of read option if Taylor is indeed the quarterback of this team. It’s a big gamble to make, but maybe the Bills, out of the playoffs since 1999, need this kind of shake up to change the status quo.

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