NFL Rumors – Chicago Bears Not Getting Touchdowns From Jay Cutler

Jay Cutler

The Chicago Bears losing 21-10 to the Cincinnati Bengals isn’t the end of the world. Not getting a touchdown from Jay Cutler and the first team offense once again is a little bit more worrying.

Cutler did complete 13-of-17 passes for 98 yards and helped lead the Bears to one field goal, but that was it in terms of team scoring. Things weren’t much better with Jimmy Clausen, and the only touchdown the Bears scored came off of a blocked punt, with Ify Umodu returning it 8 yards for the score.

The starting offense got six first downs and 123 yards on 29 plays, but so far in the preseason, it has managed just five field goals and zero touchdowns. This is the start of something new for the Bears, for the who knows how many times in the last few years. There should be a little bit more promise and optimism about the process than this.

At least they didn’t get their quarterback injured (although there are many who would like to see Cutler leave the field and not start another game for the Bears, which should be true once this season ends). The Cincinnati Bengals got one good drive out of Andy Dalton, but him diving to score a touchdown on a quarterback sneak got him some neck pain and an early end to his night, taking an unnecessary risk which simply isn’t worth it in the preseason, although Dalton said that in the regular season he would have stayed in.

The Bears got just 3.7 yards per carry from their running game. Matt Forte was held to 16 yards on six carries. Martellus Bennett once again stood out in the passing game, catching 7 passes for 45 yards.

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