NFL Rumors – Cleveland Browns Will Probably Cut Terrelle Pryor Eventually

Terrelle Pryor

The Cleveland Browns might have been impressed with Terrelle Pryor and his ability to pull of the conversion from quarterback to wide receiver, but it’s looking more and more likely he won’t be on the team once the regular season begins.

The day of final cuts is looming, and Pryor is out with a hamstring injury. He hasn’t appeared in either of the preseason games, and while Mike Pettine probably wants to see him make the final cut, he needs to actually see him play in an actual game and not just practice.

That window narrows every day that he’s not out there.

Maybe it’s not Pryor’s fault that he’s out with a hamstring injury, but the NFL isn’t a fair league, and it won’t be surprising considering how little action he’s seen, that he’ll be once again without a team at the start of the regular season, hoping that someone picks him up midway through it.

The warning from Pettine means Pryor might have to risk a more serious injury to keep himself in the running for a spot on the Browns. He hasn’t played a regular season NFL game since 2013, in a concussion filled season for him as the starter, at least initially, at quarterback for the Oakland Raiders.

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