NFL Rumors – Miami Dolphins Interested in Michael Crabtree

Michael Crabtree

The Miami Dolphins have made a massive rehaul to their passing game this offseason, but they’re not done, and when it’s all over, their receiving core might include Michael Crabtree, no longer an option for the San Francisco 49ers.

The Dolphins traded Mike Wallace to the Minnesota Vikings, acquired Kenny Stills from the New Orleans Saints, signed Jordan Cameron as their tight end and have Jarvis Landry entering his second season in the league as their slot receiver. Now, the thing that they’re missing is a big target to create mismatches over the middle, something Crabtree can do quite well.

Crabtree is no Megatron, but he has good hands and is big/strong enough to provide what the Dolphins need in what is otherwise known as a possession receiver. Crabtree didn’t have the best of seasons for the 49ers last year, coming off a long injury in 2013 which has obviously taken away a lot of his speed, but there were a lot of things wrong with the 49ers’ passing game last season.

Crabtree is visiting with the Dolphins, and while not all visits end with a signed contract, the Dolphins usually try to move fast and complete their requirements before the draft, while Crabtree is quite eager to find a team. Despite his OK record which includes one season of over 1000 yards receiving (2012), there isn’t a whole lot of demand for someone without a lot of speed and a career that seems to be sinking and fast.

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