NFL Rumors – Michael Crabtree Rejecting Offers He Shouldn’t Be Turning Down

Michael Crabtree

Only two teams, the Miami Dolphins and the Oakland Raiders, are interested in signing Michael Crabtree. Turns out, the overall disappointing wide receiver thinks he’s worth a lot more than what he’s been offered so far.

The Dolphins made an offer of $3 million for next season to Crabtree, who has played his entire career (since 2009) for the San Francisco 49ers. Turns out Crabtree wasn’t happy with the offer and is heading back to the Raiders to see what they have to present to him, allegedly looking for at least $4.5 million, and perhaps more than one season.

Crabtree seems quite confident for a receiver who had a very poor 2014, catching only 68 passes for 698 yards. Crabtree has just one 1000-yard season (in 2012 with 85 receptions for 1105 yards). He lost a lot of speed since coming back from an injury that kept him out for most of the 2013 season, and is more of a possession receiver now, not that he ever was lightning quick.

One of the problems standing in the way of Crabtree getting the money he wants is the upcoming draft class when it comes to wide receivers. It’s very deep. It might not be filled with superstars in the making, but there is plenty to choose from for teams looking to go young and cheap, even if some of the guys aren’t exactly potential All-Pros in the making.

Crabtree’s demands, recent production and attitude issues that have surfaced over the years seem to be getting in his way of already being with a team. Maybe he is waiting for the 49ers to call him back, but right now that’s not happening. Maybe he prefers an Oakland offer because it keeps him in the Bay Area. Right now, surveying the field, rejecting what the Dolphins offered him makes very little sense.

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