NFL Rumors – No One Wants Brian Urlacher

You’d think that one of the best middle linebackers in the NFL over the last decade or so might have an easier time finding a new team to play for, but apparently, Brian Urlacher isn’t finding free agency such an easy thing to go through, with no love from the Chicago Bears being sent to the rest of the NFL, and possibly no offers for the veteran.

According to several sources, there’s simply no one around the league, at the moment, willing to give Urlacher, a stating at job at linebacker. The need for a 4-3 MLB isn’t that great at the moment anyway, but to also pay someone who is an injury risk and with the best part of his career behind him, the $3-3.5 million he wants for one season seems a bit much at the moment.

Take D.J. Williams as an example of how bad the market is at the moment – He was due to make $6 million with the Denver Broncos in 2013, but got cut by the team. He took Urlacher’s old job with the Bears for a base salary of only $900,000, with the possibility of making $1.75 million if he hits all the incentive marks. That is lower than the deal Urlacher refused to sign with the Bears, and found himself looking for a job.

While there have been rumors of the Minnesota Vikings interested in Urlacher, they might be coming from his agents and camp, not the team itself. With Williams already filling his role, it’s hard to believe that even if Urlacher swallows his pride and decided to return to Chicago he’ll get any kind of offer anymore. He just needs to hope that there are actual talks with the Vikings, or he’ll probably have to wait till the NFL draft, and see what openings are left for him, maybe for even less money than he refused with the Bears.

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