NFL Rumors – Philadelphia Eagles Interested in Sean Smith

Despite making two of the biggest free agent signings in recent seasons when it comes to improving at cornerback, things haven’t exactly worked out for the Philadelphia Eagles. With the future of both Nnamdi Asomugha and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie up in the air, they might make a move for Sean Smith.

Smith has been with the Miami Dolphins since 2009 and is a restricted free agent heading into the off-season, and after making just over $4 million during his first four seasons in the NFL, he’ll be looking for more than $20 million in guaranteed money for the next three seasons. The Dolphins don’t value Smith that highly, but still might franchise him, although there are other players more likely on the roster to receive the tag.

Meanwhile, the Eagles are trying to cut some of their losses from the last couple of seasons, filled with a lot of promise and a lot of expensive free agent signings. Asomugha, if kept on the roster, will cost the Eagles $15 million, with $4 of them guaranteed. Unless he is willing to restructure the deal, the Eagles might cut the 31 year old corner, who came in with 3 Pro Bowls and 4 All-Pro selections to his name, but hasn’t added any while playing for the Eagles, or left too many people impresses.

Cromartie is a different story. While his play has been disappointing as well, it also has to do with the entire defensive scheme of the Eagles, and a change of style and direction might mean better production from them both. Cromartie is a free agent, and the Eagles don’t really want to see him go. Unlike Asomugha, age isn’t a problem (only 26), and his size and speed, despite other shortcomings, make him one of the biggest defensive names to hit the free agency market. They are not going to use the franchise tag on him, but will be opting to get a long-term deal worked out.

There are options in the draft (like Dee Milliner coming out of Alabama), but the first name on the Eagles’ list at the moment, if either Cromartie or Asomugha won’t be on the team next season, is the Dolphins’ Sean Smith.

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