NFL Rumors – San Francisco 49ers Trying to Sign Eric Wright

Eric Wright

Despite failing a physical test not too long ago when the San Francisco 49ers tried to acquire him via trade, Eric Wright isn’t off their shortlist just yet, as it seems the NFC champions from last season are still trying to add the cornerback, this time as a free agent.

Is Wright suddenly going to pass the physical? Probably. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers said they were going to release Wright if a trade with the 49ers won’t happen. So the 49ers agree to a trade but due to the failed medical, it was voided, and the Bucs simply released the cornerback after only one season. Now, San Francisco can pick him up for free. Not the most honest way of doing business, but you do what you the rules allow you to.

With Chris Culliver out for the season with a knee injury, the 49ers are desperate to add more cover to their secondary unit. They’ve made some additions this offseason, but the feeling in San Francisco is that their inability to stop the deep passing game in the playoffs is what cost them the Super Bowl, with the defense averaging 306 yards per game in the postseason, compared to 200.2 yards per game during the regular season.

Wright has been quite up & down during his career with the Lions, Bucs and Browns. Some consider him to be too soft and one of the least physical starting cornerbacks out there, and there’s a reason the Bucs wanted to get rid of him. There are also the personal issues not really adding to his stock value and demand around the league.

But he won’t be a starter for the 49ers; they have Carlos Rogers and Tarell Brown for that, with Nnamdi Asomugha and Tramaine Brock probably being above him on the depth chart, and more likely to step in when their defending an obvious pass situation.

But as a filler in the roster Wright is probably the best option they could have hoped for, and with another medical coming up, it’s going to be very surprising if Wright isn’t found fit for a second time.

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