NFL Rumors – Washington Redskins Don’t Really Know What to do With Robert Griffin III

Robert Griffin III

The Washington Redskins are about to start another season without really knowing whether Robert Griffin III is their starting quarterback, just a backup behind Kirk Cousins or someone they should be getting rid of as soon as possible.

ESPN might be the biggest name in the sports media world, but not everything they report is true. Sometimes their reporters get bad sources or tips. Sometimes they just make stuff up. However, when it comes to Griffin and the Redskins, nothing is too far fetched, and it make sense to think that some officials on the team are trying to get rid of the quarterback, while owner Dan Snyder is pretty much blocking the move.

Whether you believe the ESPN version or the one reporting the opposite, it doesn’t really matter. From the second overall pick and a fantastic rookie season, Griffin has turned into someone it’s hard to see lasting for much longer in the league. The Redskins are going back and forth on him and there has to be some sort of argument or power struggle regarding his place on the team. Every time he’s on the field it seems like one step closer towards his final game in Washington.

While there’s been no official word from the Redskins, it’s hard to believe Griffin is once again going to be the starter. Gruden has been shaky in his votes of confidence, Kirk Cousins has been playing better and the one time Griffin went out on the field to play in the preseason he was nearly eaten alive. Sure, it has a lot to do with once again playing behind a torn up offensive line, but the deterioration has been the one consistent thing about his ability and career.

This doesn’t feel like a story with a happy ending. Griffin isn’t going to play like he’s injury free and it’s 2012 all of a sudden. He’s not going to be “saved” by another team and show the Redskins what a mistake they’ve made. Maybe he remains a starter and fails; maybe he gets benched before the season begins. But he’s probably had his chances at greatness of even something less stellar. For numerous reasons, some of them out of his control, he has failed to live up to his potential.

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