Ultimate 2016 NFL Ugly Christmas Sweater Collection

Nothing says loyalty like wearing your favorite NFL team’s ugly Christmas sweater while sitting down for your loved ones for a holiday dinner. In 2016, the sweaters are uglier than ever.


There are plenty of ugly Christmas sweaters out there for you to choose from, but NFL teams, especially the ones doing poorly, relate perfectly to a holiday with the family, which might also be a group of people you’re not that fond of or enjoy being with, but stick with them anyway. We’re here to recommend one new design for each of the 32 NFL teams, but feel free to browse the entire collection, including successful ugly Christmas sweaters from years gone by.

Arizona Cardinals Ugly Christmas Sweater 2016


Like with most designs (although this one is actually a bit better looking), you can find more teams with the same template.

Atlanta Falcons Ugly Christmas Sweater 2016


This specific v-neck Christmas sweater is for women, but there are plenty of men’s Falcons ugly christmas sweaters.

Baltimore Ravens Ugly Christmas Sweater 2016


This Baltimore Ravens christmas sweater reminds me of some riddle a Indiana Jones-type person needs to solve before entering an ancient temple. Available on Amazon.

Buffalo Bills Ugly Christmas Sweater 2016


If there’s anywhere where a Christmas sweater will be put to good use, it’s Buffalo.


Carolina Panthers Ugly Christmas Sweater 2016


I’ve always had a strange sympathy for the Panthers, so here’s to their fans not being too gloomy while wearing this sweater on Christmas.

Chicago Bears Ugly Christmas Sweater 2016


It gets really cold in Chicago, but the combination of this sweater and being angry at the Bears for sucking should do the trick.

Cincinnati Bengals Ugly Christmas Sweater 2016


Looks a lot like the Bears sweater. The Bengals are almost as bad. To buy the Cincinnati Bengals ugly christmas sweater.

Cleveland Browns Ugly Christmas Sweater 2016


The Browns continue to prove the theory that sports fans are probably the most loyal creatures on the planet besides dogs. Buy this sweater to prove losing doesn’t matter.

Dallas Cowboys Ugly Christmas Sweater 2016

Dallas Cowboys Ugly NFL Christmas Sweater 2016


Unlike last season, it’s a lot easier to walk around with a Cowboys sweater and feel proud this season. The huge star makes it less classically ugly, but it still makes a perfect Christmas sweater.

Denver Broncos Ugly Christmas Sweater 2016


For obvious reasons, this Denver Broncos ugly christmas sweater makes me think of BoJack Horseman. Which is a good thing.

Detroit Lions Ugly Christmas Sweater 2016


I’m not a Lions fan, but I love the silver-blue combination, which really fits snow and ice and cold. Maybe it’s because I’m a Silverhawks fanboy (the cartoon).

Green Bay Packers Ugly Christmas Sweater 2016


The crew neck patches ugly christmas sweater design is the most common among NFL fans, and there’s something that works well with the Packers colors and this design.

Houston Texas Ugly Christmas Sweater 2016


Something about the bull and the horns isn’t Xmassy, but as far as color combinations, the Texans have one of the best ugly christmas sweaters.

Indianapolis Colts Ugly Christmas Sweater 2016


Like other blue-gray-white color schemes, the Indianapolis Colts ugly christmas sweater design is perfect for the holiday season.

Jacksonville Jaguars ugly christmas sweater 2016


Jaguars and Jacksonville isn’t exactly a winter combination. So what? It’s a cool sweater, as ugly as the rest of ’em.

Kansas City Chiefs Ugly Christmas Sweater 2016


One thing I have to say about this ugly christmas sweater: It reminds me of the sun burning something. Probably not very winter-ish. To buy the Kansas City Chiefs sunny Christmas sweater.

Los Angeles Rams Ugly Christmas Sweater 2016


If anyone in Los Angeles actually wears a sweater for Christmas, these golden Rams designs will do the trick.

Miami Dolphins Ugly Christmas Sweater 2016


The Miami Dolphins ugly Christmas sweater is really painful to look at, which makes it perfect for the holidays.

Minnesota Vikings Ugly Christmas Sweater 2016


Who knows? Maybe the Vikings will still be the best team in the NFL when it’s time to put this sweater on for Christmas dinner.

New England Patriots Ugly Christmas Sweater 2016


If you wanna wear a Sweater that makes you feel better than everyone and also think they hate you for it, put on the New England Patriots ugly Christmas Sweater.

New Orleans Saints Ugly Christmas Sweater 2016


The retro look, making it look more like some distinguished academy and not an NFL team, makes this sweater almost better than all the rest.

New York Giants Ugly Christmas Sweater 2016

New York Giants Ugly NFL Christmas Sweater 2016

The 3D look makes it seem like one huge video game, or perhaps a Spider-Man uniform posing as a New York Giants fan.

New York Jets Ugly Christmas Sweater


THE christmas sweater to put on if you wanna feel like a head coach of the New York Jets, which is the first thing that popped in my mind when looking at this gorgeous creation.

Oakland Raiders Ugly Christmas Sweater 2016


For those who don’t know, the colors didn’t wash out of this sweater: This is how the Oakland Raiders look. To buy their ugly Christmas sweater.

Philadelphia Eagles Ugly Christmas Sweater 2016


By Christmas, this whole funk Carson Wentz and the Eagles are in might be gone. Available on Amazon.

Pittsburgh Steelers Ugly Christmas Sweater 2016


The Pittsburgh Steelers ugly christmas sweater goes along wonderfully with a terrible towel.

San Diego Chargers Ugly Christmas Sweater 2016


This sweater reminds me of some old 1980’s video game; maybe Karateka? Buy it (the sweater, not the game) on Amazon.

San Francisco 49ers Ugly Christmas Sweater 2016


The 3D version of the ugly Christmas Sweater is wonderfully terrible, just like the 49ers have been for almost two seasons.

Seattle Seahawks Ugly Christmas Sweater 2016

Seattle Seahawks Ugly NFL Christmas Sweater 2016


The best thing about wearing a Seattle Seahawks ugly Christmas sweater in 2016 is that no one is going to call you a bandwagon fan anymore. The Seahawks are still very good, but people have moved on to hating on other teams.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Ugly Christmas Sweater 2016


Tampa might be the least Christmassy place in the United States, but I hear people there celebrate the holiday too, so they deserve a cool, ugly sweater.

Tennessee Titans Ugly Christmas Sweater 2016


Flames melt ice, but the Titans deserve an ugly christmas sweater just like the rest of the NFL.

Washington Redskins Ugly Christmas Sweater 2016


The patches design is always the most popular on Christmas, and this Christmas Sweater might become something of a collectible, considering how the team might not forever be called the Redskins.