Kobe Wins Duel With Carmelo, Wins Game With Free Throws

The Denver Nuggets came close to taking the home court advantage from the Los Angeles Lakers as Carmelo Anthony continued his fantastic playoff with 39 points, but Kobe Bryant was there to save the day for the Lakers. 40 Points and a little help from the rest were enough to keep the win in LA.

Final Thoughts Before the Lakers and Nuggets Start Their Series

The Denver Nuggets and the Los Angeles Lakers kick off the Conference Finals tonight in LA. Denver arrive oozing of confidence after their 4-1 Semi Final win over the Mavs while the Lakers arrive after a very On/Off showing against the Rockets that ended in seven games. Carmelo Anthony is the key to the series outcome.

Rajon Rondo’s Huge Dunk on Dwight Howard, Magic Roll to Finals

Despite the Boston Celtics losing at home to the Orlando Magic and finishing their title defense earlier than they preferred, Rajon Rondo managed to get the highlight of the night award, performing a great dunk over Dwight Howard.

Roger Federer Finally Beats Rafael Nadal

Roger Federer won the Madrid Masters beating Rafael Nadal 6-4, 6-4 and has shown he means business as the French Open draws nearer. This was Rafael Nadal's first defeat on clay after 33 straight wins.

Ten Nasty Soccer Injuries

Soccer has it's dark side too, and here are some of the worst injuries to be seen on the green field. It's nasty and painful, not easy to watch. Only if your stomach is up for it, take a look.

Rockets Stun the Lakers Again, Win 95-80 and Force Game 7

Luis Scola and Aaron Brooks led the way for the Houston Rockets as they beat the LA Lakers 95-80 and forced a game 7 upon us. Kobe Bryant tried to do it all by himself but fell short, way short. The Lakers looked flat, even unmotivated and now have risky game 7 on their hands.