Shane Battier Helps the Team By Drying Off LeBron James

They say that players who don’t have great stats help their teams in other ways. When it comes to Shane Battier, he’s been relegated to someone who simply dries off the hands of LeBron James during timeouts.

Battier wasn’t having the kind of impact he did last season in the series against the Pacers, and Erik Spoelstra dropped his minutes to only 8 in game 5, even less (4 minutes) in game 6 and not playing at all in game 7, with Mike Miller getting his minutes.

But Battier, a seasoned veteran and one of the more intelligent players in the NBA, knows it isn’t something personal about him, and that he can still help the team. So during one of the timeouts, without even being asked to do it, he starts wiping the sweat off of LeBron James’ arm, doing whatever it takes to help his team reach the NBA finals and win a championship.