2016 Six Nations Tournament Squads

Six Nations 2016 Captains

The 2016 Six Nations, the first tournament since the World Cup in England, comes with two sides changing their coaches (England & France), defending champions Ireland trying to make it three in a row which hasn’t been done since 1988, Wales with possibly the most talented side while both Italy and Scotland hoping to avoid the Wooden Spoon.

The squads have undergone some changes since the initial publication with some injuries or suspensions forcing removals and additions, although some of them are just for the first weekend of play. It’ll be the 17th tournament in the Six Nations format. It begins on February 6 and concludes on March 19.


Dylan Hartley

With new coach Eddie Jones, England will try to pick themselves up after the failure to qualify from the group stage in the World Cup they hosted. Seven players will look to make their debut on the team, with five more yet to make it to 10 caps. England finished second in the 2015 tournament due to inferior points difference compared to Ireland. They haven’t won the title since 2011.

PlayerPositionDate of Birth (Age)CapsClub/province
Luke Cowan-DickieHooker20 June 1993 (aged 22)1Exeter Chiefs
Jamie GeorgeHooker22 October 1990 (aged 25)3Saracens
Dylan Hartley (c)Hooker24 March 1986 (aged 29)66Northampton Saints
Dan ColeProp9 May 1987 (aged 28)56Leicester Tigers
Paul HillProp2 March 1995 (aged 20)0Northampton Saints
Joe MarlerProp7 July 1990 (aged 25)37Harlequins
Matt MullanProp23 February 1987 (aged 28)9Wasps
Kieran BrookesProp29 August 1990 (aged 25)7Northampton Saints
Mako VunipolaProp13 January 1991 (aged 25)27Saracens
Maro ItojeLock28 October 1994 (aged 21)0Saracens
George KruisLock22 February 1990 (aged 25)10Saracens
Joe LaunchburyLock12 April 1991 (aged 24)28Wasps
Courtney LawesLock23 February 1989 (aged 26)42Northampton Saints
Jack CliffordFlanker12 February 1993 (aged 22)0Harlequins
James HaskellFlanker2 April 1985 (aged 30)62Wasps
Matt KvesicFlanker14 April 1992 (aged 23)2Gloucester
Chris RobshawFlanker4 June 1986 (aged 29)43Harlequins
Josh BeaumontNumber 824 March 1992 (aged 23)0Sale Sharks
Billy VunipolaNumber 83 November 1992 (aged 23)21Saracens
Danny CareScrum-half2 January 1987 (aged 29)53Harlequins
Ben YoungsScrum-half5 September 1989 (aged 26)52Leicester Tigers
Owen FarrellFly-half24 September 1991 (aged 24)35Saracens
George FordFly-half16 March 1993 (aged 22)17Bath
Elliot DalyCentre8 October 1992 (aged 23)0Wasps
Ollie DevotoCentre22 September 1993 (aged 22)0Bath
Sam HillCentre14 July 1993 (aged 22)0Exeter Chiefs
Jonathan JosephCentre21 May 1991 (aged 24)16Bath
Semesa RokoduguniWing28 August 1987 (aged 28)1Bath
Jack NowellWing11 April 1993 (aged 22)10Exeter Chiefs
Anthony WatsonWing26 February 1994 (aged 21)15Bath
Marland YardeWing20 April 1992 (aged 23)7Harlequins
Mike BrownFullback4 September 1985 (aged 30)43Harlequins
Alex GoodeFullback7 May 1988 (aged 27)19Saracens


Guilhem Guirado

France are another side with a new head coach following the World Cup in which they got crushed by New Zealand in the quarterfinals. They had another disappointing Six Nations campaign in 2015, winning just twice in five games and pulling up fourth. They haven’t won the tournament since 2010, done in dominant fashion, with a Grand Slam.

PlayerPositionDate of Birth (Age)CapsClub/province
Camille ChatHookerDecember 18, 1995 (aged 20)0Racing 92
Jefferson PoirotPropNovember 1, 1992 (aged 23)0Bordeaux Bègles
Paul JedrasiakLockFebruary 17, 1993 (aged 22)0Clermont
Yacouba CamaraFlankerJune 2, 1994 (aged 21)0Toulouse
Kevin GourdonFlankerJanuary 23, 1990 (aged 26)0La Rochelle
Sébastien BezyScrum-halfNovember 22, 1991 (aged 24)0Toulouse
Jonathan DantyCentreOctober 7, 1992 (aged 23)0Stade Français
Virimi VakatawaWingMay 1, 1992 (aged 23)0France Sevens
Antoine BurbanFlankerJuly 22, 1987 (aged 28)3Stade Français
Hugo BonnevalFullbackNovember 19, 1990 (aged 25)4Stade Français
Jules PlissonFly-halfAugust 20, 1991 (aged 24)6Stade Français
Marvin O’ConnorWingApril 18, 1991 (aged 24)0Montpellier
Wenceslas LauretFlankerMarch 28, 1989 (aged 26)7Racing 92
Rémi LameratCentreJanuary 14, 1990 (aged 26)7Castres
Maxime MermozCentreJuly 28, 1986 (aged 29)30Toulon
Uini AtonioPropMarch 26, 1990 (aged 25)10La Rochelle
Jean-Marc DoussainFly-halfFebruary 12, 1991 (aged 24)10Toulouse
Eddy Ben ArousPropAugust 25, 1990 (aged 25)12Racing 92
Scott SpeddingFullbackMay 4, 1986 (aged 29)14Clermont
Gaël FickouCentreMarch 26, 1994 (aged 21)15Toulouse
Bernard Le RouxFlankerJune 4, 1989 (aged 26)23Racing 92
Alexandre FlanquartLockOctober 9, 1989 (aged 26)18Stade Français
Maxime MachenaudScrum-halfDecember 30, 1988 (aged 27)18Racing 92
Rabah SlimaniPropOctober 18, 1989 (aged 26)21Stade Français
Damien ChoulyNumber 8November 27, 1985 (aged 30)36Clermont
Guilhem Guirado (c)HookerJune 17, 1986 (aged 29)38Toulon
Teddy ThomasWingApril 18, 1991 (aged 24)4Racing 92
Maxime MédardWingNovember 16, 1986 (aged 29)41Toulouse
Yoann MaestriLockJanuary 14, 1988 (aged 28)42Toulouse
Louis PicamolesNumber 8February 5, 1986 (aged 30)51Toulouse
Baptiste SerinScrum-halfJune 20, 1994 (aged 21)0Bordeaux Bègles


Rory Best

Joe Schmidt leads the Irish, the defending champions of the tournament, into another Six Nations affair, following a shocking loss to Argentina in the quarterfinals during the World Cup, completely falling apart in the second half of a match they seemed to have going their way until a certain point. They finished with four wins and one loss (to Wales) in the previous World Cup, winning thanks to point differential.

PlayerPositionDate of Birth (Age)CapsClub/province
Rory Best (c)Hooker15 August 1982 (aged 33)89Ulster
Sean CroninHooker6 May 1986 (aged 29)48Leinster
Rob HerringHooker27 April 1990 (aged 25)1Ulster
Richardt StraussHooker29 January 1986 (aged 30)13Leinster
James CroninProp23 November 1990 (aged 25)2Munster
Tadhg FurlongProp14 November 1992 (aged 23)3Leinster
Jack McGrathProp11 October 1989 (aged 26)25Leinster
Finlay BealhamProp9 October 1991 (aged 24)0Connacht
Nathan WhiteProp4 September 1981 (aged 34)8Connacht
Ultan DillaneLock9 November 1993 (aged 22)0Connacht
Mike McCarthyLock27 November 1981 (aged 34)17Leinster
Donnacha RyanLock11 December 1983 (aged 32)34Munster
Devin TonerLock29 June 1986 (aged 29)31Leinster
Seán O’BrienFlanker14 February 1987 (aged 28)41Leinster
Tommy O’DonnellFlanker21 May 1987 (aged 28)9Munster
Rhys RuddockFlanker13 November 1990 (aged 25)6Leinster
Josh van der FlierFlanker25 April 1993 (aged 22)0Leinster
Jamie HeaslipNumber 815 December 1983 (aged 32)80Leinster
CJ StanderNumber 85 April 1990 (aged 25)0Munster
Kieran MarmionScrum-half11 February 1992 (aged 23)4Connacht
Conor MurrayScrum-half20 April 1989 (aged 26)42Munster
Eoin ReddanScrum-half20 November 1980 (aged 35)68Leinster
Paddy JacksonFly-half5 January 1992 (aged 24)13Ulster
Ian MadiganFly-half21 March 1989 (aged 26)25Leinster
Jonathan SextonFly-half11 July 1985 (aged 30)56Leinster
Robbie HenshawCentre12 June 1993 (aged 22)15Connacht
Luke MarshallCentre3 March 1991 (aged 24)6Ulster
Stuart McCloskeyCentre6 August 1992 (aged 23)0Ulster
Jared PayneCentre13 October 1985 (aged 30)10Ulster
Keith EarlsWing2 October 1987 (aged 28)46Munster
Luke FitzgeraldWing13 September 1987 (aged 28)34Leinster
Dave KearneyWing19 June 1989 (aged 26)14Leinster
Andrew TrimbleWing20 October 1984 (aged 31)58Ulster
Simon ZeboWing16 March 1990 (aged 25)21Munster
Rob KearneyFullback26 March 1986 (aged 29)67Leinster


Sergio Parisse

Another tournament for Jacques Brunel in charge of Italy, with the attempt to finish without the Wooden Spoon once again standing at the top of their wishlist. Since he took over, it’s been just once Italy have been awarded with the dubious honor, last year finishing with one win, over Scotland of course, amid some embarrassing results. They had two wins in the group stage in the World Cup, but didn’t make it out.

PlayerPositionDate of Birth (Age)CapsClub/province
Ornel GegaHooker24 March 1990 (aged 25)0Italy Benetton Treviso
Leonardo GhiraldiniHooker26 December 1984 (aged 31)80England Leicester Tigers
Martin CastrogiovanniProp21 October 1981 (aged 34)115France Racing 92
Dario ChistoliniProp14 September 1988 (aged 27)13Italy Zebre
Lorenzo CittadiniProp17 December 1982 (aged 33)44England Wasps
Andrea LovottiProp28 July 1989 (aged 26)0Italy Zebre
Matteo ZanussoProp9 April 1993 (aged 22)0Italy Benetton Treviso
Valerio BernabòLock3 March 1984 (aged 31)27Italy Zebre
George BiagiLock4 October 1985 (aged 30)8Italy Zebre
Marco FuserLock9 March 1991 (aged 24)6Italy Benetton Treviso
Francesco MintoFlanker20 May 1987 (aged 28)23Italy Benetton Treviso
Jacopo SartoFlanker15 July 1990 (aged 25)0Italy Zebre
Braam SteynFlanker2 May 1992 (aged 23)0Italy Benetton Treviso
Alessandro ZanniFlanker31 January 1984 (aged 32)94Italy Benetton Treviso
Sergio Parisse (c)Number 812 September 1983 (aged 32)114France Stade Français
Dries van SchalkwykNumber 821 December 1984 (aged 31)0Italy Zebre
Edoardo GoriScrum-half5 March 1990 (aged 25)47Italy Benetton Treviso
Guglielmo PalazzaniScrum-half11 April 1991 (aged 24)15Italy Zebre
Carlo CannaFly-half25 August 1992 (aged 23)7Italy Zebre
Edoardo PadovaniFly-half15 May 1993 (aged 22)0Italy Zebre
Giulio BisegniCentre4 April 1992 (aged 23)2Italy Zebre
Michele CampagnaroCentre13 March 1993 (aged 22)18England Exeter Chiefs
Tommaso CastelloCentre14 August 1991 (aged 24)0Italy Calvisano
Gonzalo GarciaCentre18 February 1984 (aged 31)39Italy Zebre
Kelly HaimonaCentre30 July 1986 (aged 29)7Italy Zebre
Andrea PratichettiCentre26 November 1988 (aged 27)1Italy Benetton Treviso
Mattia BelliniWing8 February 1994 (aged 21)0Italy Petrarca
David OdieteWing24 February 1993 (aged 22)0Italy Mogliano
Leonardo SartoWing15 January 1992 (aged 24)23Italy Zebre
Luke McLeanFullback29 June 1987 (aged 28)75Italy Benetton Treviso


Greig Laidlaw

This is the second Six Nations tournament for Vern Cotter as the Scottish coach. He didn’t enjoy his first try, with Scotland losing all five games to be awarded the Wooden Spoon for the second time in four years. In the World Cup things were different, making the quarterfinals and losing 35-34 to Australia, mostly because of poor refereeing and some dodgy late-match decision making by the players.

PlayerPositionDate of Birth (Age)CapsClub/province
Ross FordHooker23 April 1984 (aged 31)94Scotland Edinburgh
Pat MacArthurHooker27 April 1987 (aged 28)6Scotland Glasgow Warriors
Stuart McInallyHooker9 August 1990 (aged 25)2Scotland Edinburgh
Alasdair DickinsonProp11 September 1983 (aged 32)52Scotland Edinburgh
Zander FagersonProp19 January 1996 (aged 20)0Scotland Glasgow Warriors
Moray LowProp28 November 1984 (aged 31)29England Exeter Chiefs
WP NelProp30 April 1986 (aged 29)8Scotland Edinburgh
Gordon ReidProp4 March 1987 (aged 28)15Scotland Glasgow Warriors
Rory SutherlandProp24 August 1992 (aged 23)0Scotland Edinburgh
Jonny GrayLock14 March 1994 (aged 21)19Scotland Glasgow Warriors
Richie GrayLock24 August 1989 (aged 26)51France Castres
Tim SwinsonLock17 February 1987 (aged 28)17Scotland Glasgow Warriors
Ben ToolisLock31 March 1992 (aged 23)1Scotland Edinburgh
John BarclayFlanker24 September 1986 (aged 29)45Wales Scarlets
Blair CowanFlanker21 April 1986 (aged 29)15England London Irish
Chris FusaroFlanker21 July 1989 (aged 26)4Scotland Glasgow Warriors
John HardieFlanker27 July 1988 (aged 27)5Scotland Edinburgh
Josh StraussFlanker23 October 1986 (aged 29)5Scotland Glasgow Warriors
Adam AsheNumber 824 July 1993 (aged 22)6Scotland Glasgow Warriors
David DentonNumber 85 February 1990 (aged 26)32England Bath
Sam Hidalgo-ClyneScrum-half4 August 1993 (aged 22)8Scotland Edinburgh
Greig Laidlaw (c)Scrum-half12 October 1985 (aged 30)46England Gloucester
Finn RussellFly-half23 September 1992 (aged 23)15Scotland Glasgow Warriors
Duncan WeirFly-half10 May 1991 (aged 24)21Scotland Glasgow Warriors
Mark BennettCentre3 February 1993 (aged 23)13Scotland Glasgow Warriors
Alex DunbarCentre23 April 1990 (aged 25)14Scotland Glasgow Warriors
Peter HorneCentre5 October 1989 (aged 26)15Scotland Glasgow Warriors
Matt ScottCentre30 September 1990 (aged 25)33Scotland Edinburgh
Duncan TaylorCentre5 September 1989 (aged 26)12England Saracens
Sean LamontWing15 January 1981 (aged 35)101Scotland Glasgow Warriors
Sean MaitlandWing14 September 1988 (aged 27)20England London Irish
Tommy SeymourWing1 July 1988 (aged 27)22Scotland Glasgow Warriors
Tim VisserWing29 May 1987 (aged 28)23England Harlequins
Ruaridh JacksonFullback12 February 1988 (aged 27)27England Wasps
Stuart HoggFullback24 June 1992 (age 23)38Scotland Glasgow Warriors


Sam Warburton

Warren Gatland heads Wales into another Six Nations tournament. They were champions in 2012 and 2013, finishing third in 2015 due to points differential, having the four wins, one loss record just like England and Ireland, losing to England on this occasion. They put in a massive effort in the World Cup quarterfinal but were beaten 23-19 by South Africa.

PlayerPositionDate of Birth (Age)CapsClub/province
Scott Baldwin Hooker12 July 1988 (aged 27)15Wales Ospreys
Kristian DaceyHooker25 July 1989 (aged 26)2Wales Cardiff Blues
Ken OwensHooker3 January 1987 (aged 29)34Wales Scarlets
Rob EvansProp14 April 1992 (aged 23)3Wales Scarlets
Tomas FrancisProp27 April 1992 (aged 23)7England Exeter Chiefs
Paul JamesProp13 May 1982 (aged 33)65Wales Ospreys
Aaron JarvisProp20 May 1986 (aged 29)16Wales Ospreys
Gethin JenkinsProp17 November 1980 (aged 35)119Wales Cardiff Blues
Samson Lee Prop30 November 1992 (aged 23)17Wales Scarlets
Jake Ball Lock21 June 1991 (aged 24)15Wales Scarlets
Luke CharterisLock9 March 1983 (aged 32)62France Racing 92
Bradley DaviesLock9 January 1987 (aged 29)49England Wasps
Dominic DayLock22 August 1985 (aged 30)3England Bath
Alun Wyn Jones Lock19 September 1985 (aged 30)94Wales Ospreys
Josh TurnbullFlanker12 March 1988 (aged 27)7Wales Cardiff Blues
James King Flanker24 July 1990 (aged 25)7Wales Ospreys
Dan Lydiate Flanker18 December 1987 (aged 28)51Wales Ospreys
Ross MoriartyFlanker18 April 1994 (aged 21)4England Gloucester
Justin TipuricFlanker6 August 1989 (aged 26)38Wales Ospreys
Sam Warburton (c) Flanker5 October 1988 (aged 27)60Wales Cardiff Blues
Taulupe FaletauNumber 812 November 1990 (aged 25)52Wales Newport Gwent Dragons
Aled DaviesScrum-half19 July 1992 (aged 23)0Wales Scarlets
Gareth DaviesScrum-half18 August 1990 (aged 25)9Wales Scarlets
Lloyd WilliamsScrum-half30 November 1989 (aged 26)24Wales Cardiff Blues
Dan Biggar Fly-half16 October 1989 (aged 26)39Wales Ospreys
Rhys PriestlandFly-half9 January 1987 (aged 29)40England Bath
Cory AllenCentre11 February 1993 (aged 22)4Wales Cardiff Blues
Jonathan DaviesCentre5 April 1988 (aged 27)48France Clermont
Tyler Morgan Centre11 September 1995 (aged 20)3Wales Newport Gwent Dragons
Jamie RobertsCentre8 November 1986 (age 29)74England Harlequins
Hallam AmosWing24 September 1994 (aged 21)5Wales Newport Gwent Dragons
Alex CuthbertWing5 April 1990 (aged 25)40Wales Cardiff Blues
Tom JamesWing17 April 1987 (aged 28)10Wales Cardiff Blues
George NorthWing13 April 1992 (aged 23)55England Northampton Saints
Gareth AnscombeFullback10 May 1991 (aged 24)3Wales Cardiff Blues
Matthew MorganFullback23 April 1992 (aged 23)5England Bristol
Liam WilliamsFullback9 April 1991 (aged 24)26Wales Scarlets
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