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What They (Athletes) Want and What We (Fans) Want to Remember

Posted on 20 Mar, 2012, by in Miscellaneous

Ian Thorpe won’t be in the 2012 London Olympics. Not in the 100 meters or 200 meters freestyle races, as his performances at the Australian Olympic Swimming Trials just weren’t enough to secure him a spot on the plane to England, brandning his comeback attempt, at the moment, as a failure. More

Athletes With the Most Olympic Gold Medals in History

Posted on 20 Feb, 2012, by in Featured

Michael Phelps stands alone on the top of Olympic Gold Medal winners with 14 and a total of 16 (two bronze), going for more in the up and coming 2012 Olympic games. He leads a list of 11 athletes who have won at least 8 Gold Medals, including fellow swimmers Mark Spitz, Jenny Thompson and Matt Biondi. More

USA Basketball Team for the 2012 Olympics – 20 Man Roster

Posted on 18 Jan, 2012, by in NBA

The Summer Olympics are about half a year away, and after swimming and athletics, the American Dream Team is usually the most attention grabbing spectacle, when they’re good. They were that good in 2008, winning the gold medal with Bryant, LeBron James, Wade and the rest, as they will be again in London 2012. More