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NFL Rumors: Detroit Lions Interested in Bringing Back Anquan Boldin

Posted on 2 May, 2017, by in NFL

Despite the emerging 37th birthday, Anquan Boldin has no plans to retire and put an end to his NFL career. Instead, he’s waiting for training camp to be just around the corner, with a Detroit Lions reunion looking very likely. More

NFL Rumors – New Orleans Saints Interested in Signing Anquan Boldin

Posted on 15 Jul, 2016, by in NFL

It’s been a quiet offseason and now summer for Anquan Boldin, working out as he waits for the right offer to keep his career going for one more year. Right now, it seems the New Orleans Saints are the most interested party. More

NFL Rumors – San Francisco 49ers & Detroit Lions Interested in Signing Anquan Boldin

Posted on 13 Jun, 2016, by in NFL

The best wide receiver still available to sign is Anquan Boldin, who hasn’t closed the door on returning to the San Francisco 49ers, but seems a bit more intrigued with what the Detroit Lions have to offer. More

San Francisco 49ers – Colin Kaepernick Lucky to Have an Elite Defense

Posted on 14 Oct, 2014, by in NFL

The St. Louis Rams keep shooting themselves in the foot by giving up big plays at ill-opportune moments, allowing the San Francisco 49ers to shake off their slow start and come away with a 31-17 win on Monday Night Football. Colin Kaepernick put together his best performance of the season. More

San Francisco 49ers – Changes Needed to Win a Super Bowl

Posted on 22 Jan, 2014, by in NFL

The San Francisco 49ers end another season with a loss while they though lifting the Super Bowl trophy will be a more fitting ending. Colin Kaepernick needs to improve, but there are far greater concerns for Jim Harbaugh to deal with, especially at wide receiver and the secondary if next season is going to be like the previous three, which means looking like Super Bowl contenders and possibly finally winning one. More

49ers vs Redskins – Colin Kaepernick is Good When It’s Easy

Posted on 26 Nov, 2013, by in NFL

There is no crisis crippling the San Francisco 49ers. It’s only the simple fact that they’re not as good of a football team when compared with last year. When they’re playing better opponents, like they have four times this season, they lose. When they face a team like the Washington Redskins, they win quite comfortably, and Colin Kaepernick has a chance to look like a superstar quarterback. More

San Francisco 49ers – Colin Kaepernick is a Passer, First & Foremost

Posted on 9 Sep, 2013, by in NFL

The San Francisco 49ers decided to change their usual run-first setting and relied on Colin Kaepernick and his arm to lead them to victory. It worked out perfectly for the third-year quarterback, throwing for over 400 yards, enjoying excellent days for this offensive line and receiving targets Anquan Boldin and Vernon Davis. More

NFL Rumors – San Francisco 49ers Will Use Vernon Davis as a Wide Receiver

Posted on 20 Jun, 2013, by in NFL

The San Francisco 49ers tired not to show too much panic due to the injury of Michael Crabtree, seeing Vernon Davis lineup as a wide receiver instead of his original Tight End position during the workouts probably tells quite a lot about what the team thinks of their younger guys at the position. More

NFL Trades – Percy Harvin to Seahawks, Anquan Boldin to 49ers

Posted on 12 Mar, 2013, by in NFL

Just before the beginning of free agency, two pretty big trades were made, both sending wide receivers to NFC West; Percy Harvin from the Minnesota Vikings to the Seattle Seahawks and Super Bowl champion Anquan Boldin from the Baltimore Ravens to the San Francisco 49ers. More

NFL Rumors – St. Louis Rams an Option for Anquan Boldin

Posted on 11 Mar, 2013, by in NFL

Despite saying in the past that he only wants to play for the Baltimore Ravens, it seems that Anquan Boldin might carry on with NFL career with another team, as he is refusing to take a pay cut in order to help the team’s salary cap situation, which might lead him to be released, possibly ending up with the St. Louis Rams. More