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Jeremy Lin

Jeremy Lin: Is the NBA Window Shut For Good?

Posted on 28 Aug, 2019, by in NBA

Jeremy Lin and the NBA are no longer together. Maybe forever. As he heads into the next chapter of his basketball career (signing with the CBA’s Beijing Ducks), one has to wonder could have things gone differently for him. More

Kobe Bryant and the Lockout Induced Chinese Adventure

Posted on 16 Aug, 2011, by in NBA

Right now, the players are losing. Soon enough the checks will stop coming, and players who haven’t landed deals in Europe or other basketball leagues, haven’t saved for a rainy day, aren’t planning on a career change or don’t have some lucrative commercial deal, will be hoping this lockout ends. For players like Kobe Bryant, who is pretty much in a league of his own, times are less troubled. More