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NFL Rumors – Philadelphia Eagles, Green Bay Packers Sorting Out Their Running Back Situation

Posted on 2 Feb, 2016, by in NFL

Two teams with an interesting situation in their backfield are the Green Bay Packers and the Philadelphia Eagles. The Packers need to know if Eddie Lacy is planning on losing weight or not, while the Eagles have too many of them with Darren Sproles, DeMarco Murray and Ryan Mathews. More

Green Bay Packers Not Giving Up on Eddie Lacy

Posted on 22 Nov, 2015, by in NFL

It’s been a disappointing season for Eddie Lacy, his third in the NFL with the Green Bay Packers. Still, it’s too soon to give up on the 25-year old running back just yet. More

Green Bay Pakcers – Aaron Rodgers Great as Usual; Julio Jones Almost Steals the Show

Posted on 9 Dec, 2014, by in NFL

Despite a huge lead at half time and another fantastic performance from Aaron Rodgers, the Green Bay Packers nearly succumbed to a Atlanta Falcons comeback that fell just short, eventually winning 43-37 despite a record day for wide receiver Julio Jones. More

Green Bay Packers – Christian Ponder Takes One Hell of a Beating

Posted on 3 Oct, 2014, by in NFL

The quest to win in Lambeau Field was doomed the moment Teddy Bridgewater was out for the game. Christian Ponder started, and maybe wrote his last chapter in the book of Minnesota Vikings quarterbacks, taking a pummeling while Aaron Rodgers led the Green Bay Packers to another breezy win over a division rival, coming away with a 42-10 victory. More

Chicago Bears – Aaron Rodgers is Their Kryptonite

Posted on 29 Sep, 2014, by in NFL

Seeing Aaron Rodgers on the field, playing well and healthy, automatically makes the Chicago Bears worse. On defense, on offense. Maybe it has some psychological effect on Jay Cutler, who knows. What is clear is that some things don’t change, as the Green Bay Packers shake off the criticism and beat their biggest rivals 38-17. More

Packers Over Rams – Debut Goes Well for Both Sides

Posted on 17 Aug, 2014, by in NFL

Not every team starts their quarterback right away in the preseason. Both the Green Bay Packers, beating the St. Louis Rams 21-7, and their opponents, held the debuts of Aaron Rodgers and Sam Bradford to the second game, and it seemed like it was the right decision. More

Aaron Rodgers – Green Bay Packers Learning to Play Without Him

Posted on 6 Nov, 2013, by in NFL

With a broken collarbone, Aaron Rodgers is likely to be out for around 3 or 4 weeks before he can start again for the Green Bay Packers, who have to hope that the combination of a much improved running game thanks to Eddie Lacy and Seneca Wallace stepping up to the plate will be enough to keep them in a position to make the playoffs. More

Green Bay Packers – Aaron Rodgers Injured Means No Hope This Season

Posted on 5 Nov, 2013, by in NFL

After attempting only two passes, Aaron Rodgers went down with what turns out to be, probably, a broken collarbone, and with that pretty much ends any hope the Green Bay Packers might have had to compete this season, be it win the division, make the playoffs or play in the Super Bowl. More

Green Bay Pakcers – Jordy Nelson is Enough for Aaron Rodgers

Posted on 28 Oct, 2013, by in NFL

The Green Bay Packers haven’t been very lucky this season when ti comes to keeping their players and especially receivers healthy. However, with Aaron Rodgers running the show, having only Jordy Nelson as a recognizable receiving target is more than enough to put on impressive offensive performances. More

Green Bay Packers – Aaron Rodgers Forced to Change

Posted on 14 Oct, 2013, by in NFL

Due to injuries, Aaron Rodgers suddenly had to get used to 2-wide receiver sets and actually giving the ball more and more to his running back, getting quite a performance from Eddie Lacy. The Green Bay Packers have been dealt a bad card this season when it comes to injuries, but it seems they’re handling it quite well on both offense and defense. More