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Brooklyn Nets – One More Last Chance

Posted on 3 May, 2014, by in NBA

An old team that knows it’s now or never for them in terms of window of opportunity came out like everything was riding on game 6, as the Toronto Raptors were overwhelmed by the fast and aggressive start from the Brooklyn Nets, winning 97-83 thanks to a big night from Deron Williams, giving us yet another game seven in these remarkable playoffs. More

NBA Playoffs – Game 6 Predictions (Rockets vs Blazers, Spurs vs Mavericks, Raptors vs Nets)

Posted on 2 May, 2014, by in NBA

The madness of the NBA playoffs and the first round continue with another round of game 6, as the Houston Rockets try and stay alive at the Portland Trail Blazers, while the Dallas Mavericks hosting the San Antonio Spurs and the Brooklyn Nets doing the same to the Toronto Raptors have home court as support in their backs against the wall effort. More

Toronto Raptors – Experience Seems to be Overrated

Posted on 28 Apr, 2014, by in NBA

One of the funniest things about these NBA Playoffs is watching an arrogant bunch of Brooklyn Nets players trying to explain how the young and inexperienced Toronto Raptors, making it an even 2-2 series after a 87-79 road win, are playing better than them in crunch time. More

NBA Playoffs – Game 4 Predictions (Clippers vs Warriors, Rockets vs Blazers, Bulls vs Wizards, Raptors vs Nets)

Posted on 27 Apr, 2014, by in NBA

A busy ending to the weekend with four game 4’s in action, with all of them teams leading 2-1 trying to take a step closer to finishing the series: The Los Angeles Clippers hosted by the Golden State Warriors, the Portland Trail Blazers hosting the Houston Rockets, the Washington Wizards entertaining the Chicago Bulls and the Brooklyn Nets at home to the Toronto Raptors. More

Brooklyn Nets – Free Throws Make All the Difference

Posted on 26 Apr, 2014, by in NBA

After the game some Toronto Raptors players tried to make it seem like the Brooklyn Nets won thanks bad calls from the officials, but the visitors had their chances – they simply blew them, helping the Nets come away with the 102-98 win, taking a 2-1 lead in series. More

NBA Playoffs – Game 3 Predictions (Rockets vs Trail Blazers, Bulls vs Wizards, Raptors vs Nets)

Posted on 25 Apr, 2014, by in NBA

The NBA Playoffs continue with two series that have the higher seed in big trouble: The Houston Rockets playing against the Portland Trail Blazers and the Chicago Bulls facing the Washington Wizards in game 3, both down by two games to nothing. In a 1-1 series, the Toronto Raptors hit the road as the face off with the Brooklyn Nets. More

NBA Playoffs – Brooklyn Nets Shouldn’t Focus on Masai Ujiri

Posted on 25 Apr, 2014, by in NBA

Counting on your fans to do the job for you is always a bad premise in the playoffs, and putting too much emphasis on the reaction Masai Ujiri will create in the arena after his [email protected]#$ Brooklyn moments from last weekend is the wrong way for the Brooklyn Nets to be preparing themselves for game 3 against the Toronto Raptors. More

Brooklyn Nets – Veterans Barely Overcome Youth

Posted on 11 Mar, 2014, by in NBA

The Brooklyn Nets continue to swing from awful performances to impressive wins, this time providing the latter against the Toronto Raptors in a game with a lot of playoff and divisional standings implications. More

Toronto Raptors, The Kryptonite of the Brooklyn Nets

Posted on 28 Jan, 2014, by in NBA

Since everyone turned their calendars to 2014, the Brooklyn Nets have beaten teams like the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Miami Heat; they’ve beaten everyone they’ve faced since the turn of the new year, except for the Toronto Raptors, who got a huge clutch play from Patrick Patterson to beat the Nets for the second time this month. More