The 2014 Three-Point Contest Players

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The field in the 3-point shootout during the 2014 All-Star weekend is filled with previous champions (Kevin Love, Kyrie Irving) and currentAll-Stars with Stephen Curry, Damian Lillard and Joe Johnson also taking part in the competition.

Arron Afflalo and Bradley Beal also have a say in things, with the contest going through a slight change this season: New to this year’s contest, each player will also be able to switch one of the five shooting locations to a full rack of five “money balls,” each of which will be worth two points.

Arron Afflalo, Orlando Magic – This is the first time for Afflalo in the 3-point competition, hitting 42.7% of his shots this season while attempting a career high 4.5 shots from beyond the arc a game. He’s a 39% career shooter from downtown.

Bradley Beal, Washington Wizards – This is the first time for Beal as well in the competition. The Wizards’ shooting guard is making 40.8% of his 3-point shots this season, slightly improving from his rookie season while taking 4.7 shots a night.

Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors – This is the third time for Curry in the competition, finally hoping that his in-game accuracy will help him win the award. He has never shot below 40% during a season in his career, and is making 40.6% of his 8.3 three-point shots a night, slightly below his career 43.8% accuracy rate.

Kyrie Irving, Cleveland Cavaliers – Irving won the competition last season with 23 points in the final. He is making a career low 35.4% of his shots this season, but maybe a change of pace from the slumping Cavs will be good for him.

Joe Johnson, Brooklyn Nets – It’s been nine years since Johnson last participated in the 3-point shootout. He’s hitting 38.6% of his shots from downtown this season for the Nets, slightly better than his 37% career number.

Damian Lillard, Portland Trail Blazers – Lillard is competing in everything this season (NBA Game, Rookie-Sophomore Game, Skillz, Dunk Competition). He’s shooting 40.5% from beyond the arc this season while attempting 7 shots a night.

Kevin Love, Minnesota Timberwolves – The only non-guard in the competition and the winner from 2012, Love is shooting 37.5% from beyond the arc this season, averaging 6.1 shots a night.

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