Tim Tebow, a Rugby Player?

The worst thing that’s happening to Tim Tebow is that he’s no longer being taken seriously as an option for a quarterback in the NFL. Getting released from the New England Patriots before the beginning of the season means there might not be anymore chances for him, which makes the option of playing Rugby just a bit less than fantastical.

Although it’s hard to be serious about a player making a switch between sports or codes, it has been done in the past. As USA Rugby’s CEO and president, Nigel Melville, tweeted and suggested:  One door closes, an Olympic Rugby door opens for @TimTebow – we should talk about our global game! @USARugby.

Tim Tebow Practice

The facts at the moment are this: Tebow doesn’t have an NFL team willing to give him a shot at being a quarterback. While the Patriots did give him a chance to appear for them three times during the preseason, he wasn’t good enough, and there’s more than a good chance that it was his last shot at remaining a QB in this league.

Other positions? According to Peter KingTebow declined offers from Canada and from other NFL teams willing to give him a shot at a different position. But Rugby? While it’s easy to see Tebow fitting the sport physically, the level of exposure of the sport in the United States is minuscule, especially at club level. Tebow keeps repeating that he wants to make it in the NFL as a quarterback, but there are other things for him out-there, and more important things in life if he doesn’t make it.

Right now, this looks nothing more than a publicity stunt and an attempt to get some attention by Melville. But stranger things have happened – the Colts signed Kenya’s Daniel Adongo to be a linebacker on their practice squad. The 23-year old has played for Super Rugby teams in the past, but despite not even knowing how to put on a helmet, is still with the Colts at this stage.

If Tebow sees no other option for him to remain in competitive sports, maybe playing Rugby won’t sound so strange in a little while.

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