Washington Redskins Shouldn’t Overreact About Kirk Cousins


In the NFL, overreacting to a 0-2 start, like the Washington Redskins are having, could mean an entire season going down the drain. Yes, Kirk Cousins has disappointed in his first two starts this season, but before the team sends another potential franchise quarterback on his way somewhere else, a little bit of patience is advised.

After losing 27-23 to the Dallas Cowboys, a second loss at home that included Cousins throwing an interception late in the game. His numbers through the first two games? One touchdown pass, 3 interceptions, only 78.5 passer rating. The fact that he has 693 yards already in the air doesn’t speak well for how the Redskins offense is running. They have only 137 rushing yards so far, neglecting the running game way too early, especially in the loss to the Cowboys.

The Redskins probably forget that last season didn’t start too hot either. They lost two of their first three, four of their first six games. They won six of their final eight games to clinch the playoff spot, helped by an abysmal looking NFC East, which is probably going to give them a much more difficult run for their money this season. There’s also a pretty difficult schedule, which includes four road games against teams who are all .500 or better. By the time we make it to the week 9 bye, we’ll know a lot better if this season has a shot of turning into something good.

Words to the wise: The Redskins always overreact. Just listen to Keenan Robinson, who played for the Redskins from 2012 through 2015, and is now with the Giants, who are hosting the Redskins next weekend.

When I was there, three out of four years, it was the same thing. Once they get down, they start pointing fingers. And that is true. That is what happens. And for the Redskins — I’ve only been on one team before I came here, and that was them — and all I saw was not the right way to handle it. I feel like they didn’t handle it the right way when I was there.

The Redskins have made the playoffs only twice since the beginning of the 2008 season, and won just 7 games in 2013 and 2014 combined. Giving up on Cousins now would mean a lost season (unless their backup turns into the next Tom Brady, or at best Tony Romo), and a short road from there means changing the coaching staff, and once again setting on a new direction. In short: Cousins should get more time, even if the instinct is to already doom his fate, and decide that he’s gone by the end of the season.

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