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  • LeBron James Basketball

    Miami Heat – It’s Not Getting Easier

    This isn’t last year. The Miami Heat are fighting and scraping through every game to get their wins, which means big nights from LeBron James and this time Chris Bosh to beat the Charlotte Bobcats 101-97, taking a 2-0 lead in the series, helped out by Al Jefferson playing with an injury that’s really limiting him. More

  • Michael Pineda Baseball

    Red Sox Over Yankees – Michael Pineda Can’t Stop Cheating

    Two weeks ago Michael Pineda and the New York Yankees were able to get away with the pitcher using pine tar for a few innings. Despite knowing the attention will be on him, he used some of the substance on his neck, and Boston Red Sox manager John Farrell didn’t wait long before bringing it to the umpires attention, tossing Pineda out of the game, while the Red Sox claimed the 5-1 victory in the end. More

  • Real Madrid beat Bayern Munich Soccer

    Match Highlights – Real Madrid vs Bayern Munich

    A nice win for Real Madrid (1-0) but not one that makes them feel too safe heading into the second leg against Bayern Munich. The Germans and defending champions, as expected, were the better team and slightly more dangerous for most of the match, but found it hard to create good chances until way too late in the match. More

  • Kevin McHale Basketball

    Houston Rockets – Kevin McHale, Not Jeremy Lin or James Harden, is What Matters

    To every issue the Houston Rockets have – from James Harden hogging the ball at the wrong time, to Jeremy Lin being underused; and Dwight Howard being underused; to Patrick Beverley risking his NBA future; and a team defense that is embarrassing to watch sometimes. Players should be blamed for mistakes they make, but when there are so many on a talented and better than what we’re getting from them team, the fingers should be pointed at the head coach, Kevin McHale. More

  • Parked bus Soccer

    12 Memes of Chelsea & Jose Mourinho Parking the Bus

    Some thing that what Chelsea and Jose Mourinho did in their draw with Atletico Madrid, playing in the Champions League semifinal, which is referred to as parking the bus, is wrong. Whatever your opinion on the matter is, it’s hard to deny the funny memes that pop up as a result of the unique experience of watching that match. More

  • One year manager Soccer

    15 Best Memes of David Moyes Fired From Manchester United

    One of the constants this season was Manchester United and David Moyes messing up in big matches, followed by hilarious memes and jokes at his expense. Now he’s fired, which means Ryan Giggs will be the interim manager, giving him the option to play himself if necessary, and bringing in a new angle of humor about his own personal ethics while beginning to wonder what the fired one will do now that he’s unemployed. More